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June 2019 AOR cases

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by myrapiku, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. for all the seniors here who are CEC inland and receive ITA on 26th june
    Hi how did you get AOR so soon?
    I receive ITA on 26th too and also CEC inland. I will get all my documents on Friday (medical upfront) but not my police clearance. I come from a country that requires CIC to issue a letter but i applied for the PCC anyway using an ITA letter.

    Did you get police clearance when you get AOR too ?
    Please advise. Thanks!
    Wish you luck too!
  2. When I got ITA by that time I had all the documents ready. I just submitted it right away and got AOR.
  3. I submitted my application on June 22 and will be updating my signature with key dates!
  4. Do you need to have your PCC before you can submit AOR?
  5. Hi,

    My CIC application status:
    CEC (Inland - Ontario)
    ITA: 25 April 2019
    Upfront Medical: 07 May 2019
    AOR: 10 June 2019
  6. Thank you. I had all my documents ready before i received ITA. I am CEC inland, with all documents such as educatio, experience from CA. Limited travel history to USA only.
  7. Hello everyone, my AOR is june 5 and i havent got any update. The online status says "we received your application, will let you know if there is any update or further documentation is required". Does this mean they havent yet started processing my file yet. It has been exactly a month. Anyone with the same status or have any movement i
  8. Be patient. Usually it takes 4-6 weeks or longer to get medical exam passed.
  9. Of course you need PCC at the time of your application submission
  10. FSW - Outland
    ITA - 29th May 2019
    AOR - 20th June 2019
  11. MEP-July 9th/ BG ip1
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    I got MEP passed today as well! BG in IP2 already!
    AOR May 31 also.
  13. ITA: 12 JUNE 19
    AOR: 20 JUNE 19

    Anyone cleared MEP uptill now from June 19 AOR?
  14. CEC Inland
    ITA: 05.29
    AOR: 06.17
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  15. CEC Inland
    ITA: June 26, 2019
    AOR: June 29, 2019
    Waiting :)
    Good luck everyone!
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