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June 2019 AOR cases

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by myrapiku, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. What did they have in your notes?
    And how long did it take to get the notes?
    And your AOR date? VO? :)
  2. CIC said I only did 2 years of college, but I completed 3 years. So I provided explanation letter
    it took me 27 days to get GCMS notes.
    AOR is June 24, 2019
    VO is edmonton.
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  3. I see. Has your application been recommended passed?
    Mine is Sydney and im losing hope lol. Its taking forever
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    Hi All, Yesterday I got the PPR letter, timelines are June 24th AOR / July 24th MEP & RCMP request / Aug 5th RCMP Uploaded/ August 30th RCMP accepted (no further documents required) / Nov 4th PPR.
    What I want to say is in this period of almost 4.5 months , for sure there was lots of anxiety & tense moments. As there are no updates. Also I was holding tight without making a call or ordering for GCMS notes as, even if we do nothing much is going to come out, till we reach the 6 months mark... MOST IMPORTANTLY : there were absolutely NO Ghost Updates as few members mention. This clearly brings us to the point that no two cases are handled similarly, even if they are exactly similar in nature. Also a colleague of mine (different nationality) had an AOR in August 18th and got a PPR on 1st Nov in just 2.5 months.... the difference was I was asked to give RCMP and my theory is any additional documents asked may take 2 more months. Also after getting the PPR the status in my CIC login pretty much remains the same as before. While my colleague had the PPR coming in a mail there was nothing in his CIC login, while I only got a mail mentioning that the account has been updated go and check, where the PPR letter was present. Please wait for 6 months and then raise a web form as suggested by CIC, Thanks to all in the group for your insights and support, Best Wishes :)
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  5. Thanks for sharing the detailed experience. This helps
  6. Congratulations.. your VO?
  7. Hi Sidhu, do not know as I never made a call to CIC... I have been asked to send the passport to the Ottawa office
  8. As per Immitracker - 52 PPRs in the month of October but 25 PPRs on 4th and 5th of November which is interesting.
    I hope we all get June-July PPRs soon.
  9. security not started, eligibility in process. Others are passed. I got these details form GCMS notes. If you do not order GCMs notes, I suggest you do it. you might find something really helpful.

    Like my case, I found out CIC misunderstood my education history, so I submit an explaniation letter.
  10. Good to know. could you please share the website about the PPR date ?
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  12. HI,all. I got PPR update in mycic account, June 24th AOR
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  13. In how many days did you received these notes? I have ordered them on Oct 21.
  14. almost 25-30 days
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  15. ...congrats.your VO?

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