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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by andy108, May 31, 2018.

  1. Guys if somebody can help on dis...dey r just not updating my application...12onths will b completing in next 10 days..what if I draft a letter asking about the status of my application and speed post it to ndvo...will dey gonna work on my file?
  2. Anyone here sent their passport through the VFS in Santiago, Chile? My wife took it there on Wednesday and so far she hasn’t received any email confirming the processing of the passport, is that normal ?
    Mexico gave us 15 days to send the passport that’s why we are worried
  3. Was mexico and then got transferred to port of spain /Trinidad
  4. Completed timeline of my application:

    Application received at Sydney/NS - 28 June 2018;
    AOR1 - 13 September 2018;
    SA - 24 September 2018;
    Medical request - 8 November 2018;
    Medical done - 12 November 2018;
    Medical passed - 16 November 2018;
    AOR2 (from Mexico City VO) - 13 January 2019;
    DM - 05 June 2019;
    PPR - 06 June 2019;
    Passport back and COPR - 19 June 2019.

    Good luck to you all guys!!!
  5. Hey Guys,

    Can someone list me all the documents required for spousal sponsorship? I will be mailing the application from inside Canada as I am a PR already. So, I need near accurate documents list.

  6. How did you send your passport?
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    I mailed it through regular mail to the CVAC in Sao Paulo and they forwarded it to the Sao Paulo VO for the visa stamping and COPR.
  8. Ev
    Everything is on their website. It's detailed and comprehensive.
  9. We are June 4 2018. We have no update since August 2018.
  10. I am also an applicant of June 5, and have got no updates since November .
    No idea what are they up-to.
  11. What is your visa office? Glad I am not the only with the no update for a long time.
  12. LVO
    It was transferred on October
    Got to know the processing started on November, after that it went silent.
    How about yours? Which Visa Office?
  13. Our visa office is Warsaw. It was sent there last August and we have not heard any anything since then in August.
  14. I recently requested for GCMS notes and also filled up the webform . I hope that works .
  15. At least we would get an answer why its late.

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