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June 2018 applications for TRV

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by vdhiman23, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Please share your timeline here.
  2. below is my timeline :
    Date submitted-26may
    Eligibility started 30th may
    PPR- 13 june

    I was in to much hurry when I applied on 26th may that accidentally I forgot to upload my cover letter and additional documents. In application i did forgot to mention about my previous US visa refusal as well.
    I m so happy today !!
  3. below is my timeline :
    Date applied 6 june
    Status now 13 june : just we have received your documents , I still waiting ..

    I don't know if is normal to take that time but I submitted all the documents that they asked me
  4. mine is here:

    Paper submission: 7th June
    Approved: 15th June
    PP delivered: prolly 19th June

    I applied under CAN+ program with a valid US visa :)
  5. Did you get any update?
  6. Submitted: June1st
    Biometric: June 8th
    Country of residence: UK
    Email notification with no update: July1
    Still waiting!!
  7. applied:- 20th july vfs chandigarh
    status :- application is being processed at canada visa office
  8. Can you please share, what was your purpose to visit to canada?
  9. my timeline

    1st July 2018 - applied on on paper through vfs wafi
    26th July 2018 1pm - processed visa application is in transit from the canada office AUH to CVAC
    26th July 2018 5:22 - documents for visa application have been received at the CVAC 26th July 2018

    ..........i still dont know if passed or not....still waiting by courier....

    anyone received like this?is it passed or rejected? still hopeful...
  10. Anyone got any updates today?
  11. Have you recieved it????

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