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July Applications

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Cookiemonster1, Jul 12, 2019.

  1. Guys who applied in July can we gather here and share your timelines
  2. Oh ok,I did applied this July and it being processed
  3. Ahan where did you apply from? Online or paper?
  4. hi guys.. I applied in june 18th but my biometrics submitted on july 3rd it means my application consider under july category.
    application being processed. applied from usa online, the time is shows 3weeks processing time
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    Iam applying this month
  6. Who applied from Ghana?
  7. I did applied from ghana
  8. Ok have a whatsapp number so we link up?
  9. Yes I have,whatsapp link
  10. Ok text me on +1 (720) 591-8599
  11. Good luck. Keep us posted
  12. Did you apply yet?
  13. applied in july biometric on 15th but after that no update...
  14. Its only been 4 days haha, give it time and keep praying

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