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***July 2019 eAPR AOR tracking join here***

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by andy108, Jun 29, 2019.

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    Hi Everyone,

    Congratulations for submitting your eAPR and becoming part of July 2019 AOR gang.

    This thread is to assist everyone with questions in relation to process tracking, trends, processing timelines concerns and just to get together and plan the upcoming move over to Canada while trying to understand when to expect the PPR.

    July 2019 Tracker: here

    Good luck!

    Let me share some statistics below to help you with the process
  2. Average for applicants by stream in the past 90 days:


    PPR Trend in June.
    **As we can see we see daily 10-26 PPRs being reported:


    Medicals passed trend in the past 25 days:


    Statuses by month of submission in 2019:
    **As you can see about 40% got PPR from January batch.


    Applicants by stream.
    **As you can see the pattern is very steady, most are FSW-O, followed by CEC and followed by PNP-O. This has been steady for past few years.

  3. If i've submitted my application today I can expect the PPR within the following time-frames:


    Please note this is an estimate and actual will depend on personal circumstances. However, based on the tracker data 85% are receiving PPRs within these timeframes.
  4. If you would have submitted your eAPR on July 1st you would receive your medical pass stats within the following timeframes:

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    Last year Applicants, as you can see a year on, 95% of applicants received PPR by now. The rejection rate is very low too.

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  6. I will be very grateful if my application is granted to make a difference in the service I render
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  7. When did you submit?
  8. Oh you're back. Haven't seen you around for a while! Welcome back!
  9. Hey! Yes, had to take a break due to some family issues :) i am so glad to be back!
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  10. Please let us know if you want to be part of the July 2019 group. Thanks!
  11. Many wonder if the family size has an impact on application processing time, here is the bar chart showing the average processing time as per family size:

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  12. Similarly, PNP applicants tend to worry if their processing times depend on which province they have applied through, see pie chart below showing average processing time per province:

  13. 1st of July is here! Anyone submitted?
  14. W
    Please add me to the July AOR group

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