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Job Offer

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by Ajit001, Jul 16, 2019.

  1. Dear Sir

    I got a job offer from Company name Rechmo corporation. Please advise it is real or fake
  2. The only thing which stood out on their website is them advertising for an immigration agent in Punjab, India. It's 100% fake.
  3. Interesting since I answered above am sure the pictures of the executive team have been removed from the website, still does not escape fact the names and resumes are the same.

    This is exact same as another fake site the other week where exact same immigration agents picture was included and there was some argument/discussion going on between various forum members and who were believed to possibly be the actual people involved in the scam.
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    So I actually took half an hour last week to visit these offices after the whole conversation took place in the previous thread for a visit. It’s an actual office building in Calgary, however the address is just the building address. There is no office numbered 200. You are left wandering the lobby. Offices in the building are numbered 101-112 and 201-212. Funny such an enormously successful company runs there a building with offices from 1200 2500 sq./ft.
    The website is a clone of CNRLs website. It’s a scam, but quite elaborate. Probably run out of Calgary and I wouldnt be surprised if it’s the same group who posted an office address that was the house 2 doors down from mine last year.
    I’d hoped to give them a call, but again, for such a large organization there isn’t even a phone number.

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