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Job needed 20+ years in restaurant management

Discussion in 'Finding Work in Canada' started by Raymond Comtois jr, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. Thanks for the calculator but I can't use it as I haven't taken any language tests. It's asking for scores off of that test. I feel so disappointed now. Really appreciate you sending me the info and just reaching out to me. Look like I'm stuck in the states.
  2. You seem to want to give up very easily.

    The answer is very simple. Research what the language scores are for the IELTS English language exam and estimate what scores you believe you'll achieve if you take the test. Yes - if you eventually decide to apply to immigrate, you'll need to take the test. But for now, you're just trying to determine if you have a decent chance of being selected.
  4. Give up easily?? I've spent the last month researching Canada, language, arts, maps, cultural heritage/differences, towns, crime rates, schools, healthcare, cost of living, even hockey. Lol I'm not much of a quitter but I am blocked in EVERY way when it comes to work and renting a home for my family. I've spent 3hrs on the phone with Canadian conselets, immigration lawyers and keep getting the same results. I've taken 3 diffent online tests and replied back sorry but you don't qualify. I have NO criminal record, I speak perfect English with a little French. I have held the same job profession for 20+ years without EVER being fired or written up. It seems as thought I must be a refugee or a teenager going to college to get in. Trust me....giving up is harder to deal with than the reality of the fact I'm never going to be given the chance. The sad part is my 3rd generation ancestors are French Canadian and my name "Comtois" is as French as it's gets but I hit a wall in EVERY direction I go trying to get in. At this point it's not me giving up...its not being giving the opportunity. This forum was my last hopes that someone would offer me a job or know some inside knowledge I didn't. I just want a Better life for my children and endless wars in this country seem to be the norm.
  5. You should start by researching immigration procedures before looking into history and hockey. The CIC website has all the minimal informtion you need. There are plenty of steps to take (inc your family), from language tests, diploma evaluation, applying, getting ITA, then doing medical exams, PCCs, having the right amount for the family size etc... you should focus on that and try to find a way, explore the different streams. You don't just need to be a refugee or a teenager to get in. My husband and I are both 30 have years of experience and college education, neither refugees nor teenagers. There are criteria to follow and requirements so check your case versus the different options you have.
  6. As much as you might not want to hear it, you pretty much wasted that month, as evidenced by your lack of knowledge on actually immigrating to Canada. You should have spent your time researching the various immigration programs, looking at all of the PNP options, studying and taking a language test, formally evaluating any credentials you have, assessing your work experience, determining ways to improve your score etc.
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  7. No one here is going to offer you a job.

    As for insider knowledge - I gave it to you. You haven't taken the official CIC test to see how many points you have. You need to do this to estimate your points. Once you know how many points you have - this will tell you if Express Entry is an option or if you need to focus on the Provincial Nominee Program. Forget about test on other sites - you need to take the CIC one - this is the government web site for immigration - it's the only one that matters.

    Take the test. We need to know how many points you have under Express Entry. Again, if you score 430 or more, there's a very good chance you'll be selected.
  8. Ok let me help you.
    You will need following results from IELTS - listening 8 and everything else 7. Of course if you score better, then better for you.
    As native speaker you shall be able to get those score. Just remember that IELTS is test and as such you need to prepare for the way you will be tested (read about how the test is done and what is important and what can cost you points).
    Why is it so important to have it that high. Because it will give you the most points for transferability.
    Now for your education. If you do not have university / college diploma it will cost you lot of points. At best you should have either master diploma or to have 2 university diplomas.
    Why because it gives more points
    Now for your options.
    1. get job offer manage to hit one of those NAFTA approved professions and be released from LMIA. That is tedious process which most employers simply do not want to do.
    Why do I suggest this one. Every year of work experience in Canada will give you points. And those points will be more that what you will be loosing with age (of course if there is still anything to loose).
    On the top after first year under such, you will get bonus point for long term contract. Like long term LMIA (permanent job offer over 1 year) can bring you up to 50 points
    2. Alternative option. Search through all provincial nomination programs and see where you might fit. They do have different requirements. (some ask for high EE score, many ask for job offer, some ask for specific professions and some ask for connection with province - including family for example). If you find that you might match some of them, go after what is still missing in your case.
    Why do I suggest this one. Provincial nomination is the ticket to go through permanent residency application.

    If however you are more close 60 years old, then moving to Canada might be too late. Because many of stated above have age limits. And those that do not have usually have the system set up so that the older applicants would not have enough points.

    good luck
  9. All correct, except, under Express Entry, you do not lose points for being over 60 so much as you stop acquiring any points once you are over 45. I am 44 and will lose five points next years for EE, but I'll still be over 430. This would be the case even if I were 60 years old. Luckily, I have work experience, English is my first language, and I have an MA degree from an Ontario university. All of these give me points. I too am from the US. I also no longer wish to live in the US.

    I know that this is a few months old, but this person may want to try to get in as a student. He would have to apply at a college or university programme. With his 20 years of restaurant management experience, he could possibly get into a college programme for a hospitality certificate or something of that nature. The programme would have to be at least 8 months and done while physically in Canada. (I did not see any upper age limit for the Saskatchewan provincial programmes, though someone can correct me here if I am wrong).

  10. Incorrect. There are 2 type of points when it comes to EE. One is CRS points and other is FSW points. And there you have to score 67 points of 100. And you will get points there until you are 46.
  11. ...and you do not lose points for being 60, as I said. On age, the points just stop in your mid-40s.

    The point of my post actually was that you can still immigrate when you are older, you just need to be strong in other areas.

    Good day.
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  12. So that guy basically wanted to be told that he could just waltz into Canada and become a citizen because he's an American and became disappointed and gave up when he found out he actually had to do what everyone else does and put in some effort to do so -- accompanied by the obligatory whining and refugee/young people bashing. Sounds about right. :rolleyes:
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  14. I am ready to do anything I am ready to work

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