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job letter for PNP in ontario

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Punjab Singh, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. hi guys
    I am full time agent on ' Telecommunication sales representative ' position and I am trying to find my NOC category on Google but it doesn't show up and also have tried on cic or government site whenever I try it shows ' technical sales specialist ' under B noc 6221 category and in ' job bank ' it sows telecom sales rep is alternative name of technical sales and falls under B category
    but I am still confuse ?
    is any body here who got PNP from this position can help me?
  2. I'm not on the same position, but trying to help:

    I see that both these 2 titles fall under NOC Code 6221 - so there should be no confusion:
    • telecommunications sales representative
    • telecommunications salesperson

    they show up after clicking on "View all titles"

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