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Jewelry on Things to Follow list

Jul 1, 2019
My wife and I intend on doing a soft landing this Friday near the Vancouver-Seattle border. I intend on staying for a few hours and returning back to the US. I have a couple of questions on the things to follow list:

- Should I provide a Things to Follow list when I do the soft landing since I will be returning to the US and plan on permanently moving to Canada a year and half down the line? Based on what I read, looks like I can provide this when I move in as a settler. Am I correct in this understanding? If yes, do the agents at the border have clarity on this? If not, can I show them the following link from CBSA website to clear the issue:

- We also have a lot of jewelry that we would like to bring in at a later date (few years down the line). I have listed them in details with the materials (Gold, Diamonds, etc.) and a estimated value. I also have pictures of them all. Is this enough or should I get it apprised by a jeweler as well. If I should get it apprised, are there any certified jewelers or is any jeweler good? And what should the jeweler put on the pictures apart from the value and this signature and date.

- Finally, I have read that there is no limit to the amount you can put on the things to follow list. But since we have jewelry, it does get into 6 figures. do you anticipate any issues due to this?

Thanks and Regards,