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Jewellery Declaration Query

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by PoojaBhayani, Oct 1, 2019.

  1. Hi Guyzz,
    I am traveling to Canada in the month of Oct.
    Have a query, while declaring the jewellery what's the highest limit?
    If I don't declare now, how much tax I need to pay to customs when I carry it later?
  2. There is no limit. You must declare jewellery in you 'goods accompanying' form when you 'land as settler' in Canada (and you would delare your 'goods to follow' list at the same time.

    Duty estimator here

  3. HI, is duty on jewellery required to be paid by first time travelers as well? I mean entry on PR for new immigrant?
  4. You do NOT pay duty on jewellery as long as you declare it on your 'goods accompanying / goods to follow' lists.

    Once you are settled in Canada, if you then buy jewellery (or any other goods for that matter) overseas, then if they are in excess of what you are allowed to bring back with you (monetary value), they will be subject to Canadian duty.
  5. Thanks could you please also advise how much jewellery can be carried when we are coming in to settle
  6. There is no limit - they might get a bit suspicious if you declare a shipping container full of diamond though!!
  7. :D ok thnks

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