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**----January 2019 Outland Application----**

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by lcuser, Jan 3, 2019.

  1. Thanks. It's in the mail!
  2. Our file was transferred to CPC-M yesterday but still waiting on biometrics too. I am surprised they are waiting do long to send the letter so we can do our biometrics....:(
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  3. Finally got PA’s passport stamped with visa and COPR. thanks for the input and advices, this forum really helped me and hubby with our application. Will be with PA here in Canada in 2 weeks!!!
  4. Docs received in Sep then resent (due to a form change) and received again on Jan 16
    Medical done in March
    File transfer to CPC=M July 11
    Waiting on Biometrics
    Waiting for DM
  5. Just got Approved status on GCKey!!
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  6. What’s your timeline?

    Congrats!!! :)
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  7. Medical Passed today!!!
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  8. PA is from US

    App received January 28
    AOR March 14
    Medical Request and SA March 15
    Medical Done March 21
    Medical Passed March 28
    Transferred CPM March 20
    Biometrics May23
    Biometrics Done June 06
    Biometrics passed June 21
    Started processing June 21
    Decision Made June 21
    PPR June 25
    Passport copy sent June 26
    Passport received June 27
    Approved today
  9. any PPR from NDVO ? myfile transferred to NDVO 13th june and started processing on 19 june. med bio all done.
    how long NDVO takes to set PPR?...
  10. NDVO is considered as very slow in processing PR applications. average time is 3-4 months.
  11. Hello Guys! I’m an April applicant...I’m done with SA, BR, MR but my file isn’t transferred yet and is in Sydney! People who applied later have also got PPRs. Is there anyone in this January group who’s still waiting for the file transfer? Or waited for a long time to get it transferred?

    Here’s my timeline, let me know if you can relate
    PA: India
    Received - April 25
    AOR- June 8
    BR- June 14
    SA- June 17
    MR- June 17
    BR done - June 20
    Medical given - June 19
    Medical passed - June 22
    No updates after that and when I called the IRCC, I got to know that they’re working on the BGC, but it’s still in sydney and not transferred

    Please help guys if you have any idea
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  12. why are you re-posting on every month thread? your progress is going well so far and you only applied in April. There are many that are still waiting for stuff to happen from 2018.
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  13. Yay! You'll be getting your COPR any moment now! We got ours a day after Approved!
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  14. I had gotten the tracking down in my fedex account when I created the shipping label and so far it hasn’t start traveling or anything so hopefully soon
  15. Speaking about it. It actually just got delivered at the fedex location so I’m getting it tomorrow morning

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