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January 2019 - Citizenship Application

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by Rockstar16, Dec 29, 2018.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I am working on my Citizenship application and planning to submit it by 1st week of January. I created this forum as I couldn't find one for the 2019 applicants.

    If there is an existing forum, I would request the Champion members to guide me there.

    I have few questions and I am looking for someone to help me with them:

    1) I landed in Canada on 20Jan2015. My eligibility period starts from 2014 Jan and I was in India waiting for my PR then.

    Do I need a Police Clearance Certificate from India for this time?

    2) I came here on spouse PR so never wrote a language test. Though my PGDM/ MBA degree and mark sheets are in English (it didn't state that the medium of instruction was English).

    I also have my High School and Higher Secondary Certificate which is in two languages( English and Hindi) and it mentions that English was my subject and my scores in exams.

    Will all these documents suffice as proof of English? Do I still need a letter from my college stating medium of Instruction was English?

    3) Do I need to submit my Notice of Assessment for Tax Years to speed up my process?

    Looking forward to your advice :)
  2. I am also planning to submit my application on this Jan 2019.

    What I understand from CIC website/other forum that:

    1) You don't need PCC if you were not visited outside of Canada for more that 183 days after you landed here

    2) Not sure about that!

    3) You don't need your NOA
  3. 4 years in Canada means no need for police Certificate. in your case, apply on or after January 20th. i am not sure, presence calculator remains unaffected.
    your education is a sufficient proof of language abilities.
    Last question is a disappointment. send them what they ask ONLY. the best way to keep your processing time within or belowaverage.
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  4. For question 1: you will need a police certificate if you have lived in country other than Canada for 180 during your eligibility period. In your case, it seems like you have spent more than 180 days in India during your eligibility period. A police certificate is required.

    For question 2: I am not sure but seems like your medium of instruction was English, then its not a problem

    For question 3: NOA for which tax year? your question is not clear. In your case, you will need to have NOA for 2015, 2016, and 2017.
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  5. Hello folks,

    I am also planning to submit my citizenship application in January. Need some advice:

    for Q13: I was a student in Australia. Which dates do I need to mention under effective date and end date? My visa was issued in April 2008 but I landed in August 2008. Visa expiry date was March 2010 but I left the country in December 2009. Super confused what dates do I have to mention?

  6. Hi
    I have a question for No.11 to fill up what you did during eligibilty period inside and outsuide canada.
    do we need to fill up the details like employmemnt before ( landing ) becoming a PR . and do do we need to give unemployment dfetails while we first landed and were searching for the job

  7. Hi Guys,

    today I sent in my son's application, he's 8y.o. I became a citizen last December. Once you have the link for January 2019, I can give you more info. Best, J.
  8. HI my name is Anoop. I`m from Langley Bc. I`ve already started filling my application and I was wondering if there`s is anyone who is in the same process or someone who has filled their application already. I would like to get some help to do this. Let me know please. Thanks a lot and good luck everyone
  9. Hi, I've submitted the application and would like to be added to the sheet. Here's my info:
    ID: pillow
    Location: PEI
    App type: Single
    Physical presence days: 1095
    App sent: 03.01.2019
    App delivered: 07.01.2019

    Thank you.
  10. Hi CaCitizenship,
    Thank you for creating this new tracking spreadsheet. Will you grant a 'view only' access to the public in the near future? It seems to be a closed link at the moment. Thank you.
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  12. Please add me as well ;)

    ID: Riddymon
    Location: NS
    App type: Single
    Physical presence days: 1323
    App sent: 04.01.2019
    App delivered: 07.01.2019
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  13. Added.
  14. Hi everyone
    pls add me as well champion

    ID : Angelcat
    location: Edmonton,Alberta
    App type: Family( husband and daughter . other kid born canadian
    Physical presence: 1250
    App sent: Jan 3.2019
    App delivered: Jan 7 2019

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