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Issue with New Jersey Driver License Exchange in Ontario

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by RV_13, Oct 31, 2016.

  1. Hi Friends,

    I need one help here. I have New Jersey USA Driver License and trying to exchange it for an Ontario DL. I have taken certified Driver History abstract from NJ DMV as well before moving. But I went twice to Drive Test center and they are not accepting it since it does not have a license issue date.

    Anyone moved from NJ and successfully exchanged their DL with an Ontario one? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    I reside in Toronto.
  2. While I am not from New Jersey myself, I went through identical issue(s) a couple of times.

    It is kind of 100% true that if they do not see when your DL was first issued, they cannot assess your history.

    Now, regarding your abstract: some provinces/states have a gazillion types of driver's records: from brief abstract, to full history that includes every single action ever taken around any of your licenses, fines given etc. This what I had to do in one case; not sure how this goes for NJ, but you should inquire what sort of records they provide. There should be one that's more detailed than the abstract.
    However, should this fail - don't fret. It failed for me once. And the solution was to request a letter (in your case from NJ DMV) that includes all the details you need. You are for sure not the only one doing that type of exchange.
  3. Thanks!

    I am trying to do the same and get something in details. Once i request, I have to wait for 3-4 weeks and see what comes and if Drive test accept it.
  4. Good luck. Maybe you can let us know the outcome when you'll have sorted it out.
  5. Hello, could you please let me know on how you finally resolved this. I am in a similar situation. Thanks.
  6. I have the same issue. I already have abstract form but they didn't accept it. Now I request as mail from DMV DO-11 form. I will try again. Does anyone experience the same issue? We really need help
  7. I have also just read in the forum, carrying your old expired licenses along with abstract from do-11 will help to get it, also you may have to send multiple do-11 forms to DMV if you have renewed your license multiple times and you want to claim all your experience in NJ. I sent them a do-11 with date as when license was issued initially, they sent me a letter which had expiry date of that first issued license not of the current license.
  8. Hi Dora, thank you for sharing your experience I already sent a mail for DO11 form 11 days ago. My driver's license changed 3 times in NJ, USA. I hope they can send true one. I think they want to see same issue day with original driver license
  9. Hello

    Did you get anything back from the DMV yet
  10. has anyone figured out a better way of handling this issue?
  11. Would you remember which drive test center did you go to which allowed " carrying your old expired licenses along with abstract from do-11 will help to get it,". I went to three will all my old licenses from 2012 - and those idiots did not budge. I am at wits end.
  12. Looks like you and I are having the exact same problem at the same time. Have you been able to find a solution? I am running out of ways to explain this to Drivetest and their reasons for rejection defies all logic.
  13. Solution: Don't stress :) Just keep driving on your US license. Mail the DO-11 form (with required payment and docs) to NJ DMV in Trenton. It will take CAD1.25 stamp to do so. From the day you mail it out, you will receive the response from Trenton in 21-25 calendar days. Thats it!
  14. Thank you very much AJ. Were you able to get this mailed to your Canadian address or did you have to have it sent to NJ first and then someone needed to send it to you afterwards?
  15. I am also moving from NJ soon, so I will request this information now. I do have one question on the form. What does "Date you want covered" mean in Section B.

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