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Is it fine to move to Quebec soon after getting PR with PNP nomination

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by kovthe, Mar 28, 2018.

  1. Hi,

    I got my PR(with the help of nomination from Ontario). I am getting many calls from Quebec, and wondering if I can move to Quebec now. I got my PR a month ago, and I have heard one has to be in the nominating province for at least 3 years after getting PR.

    I could not find relevant documentation on IRCC website. Any help on this will be much appreciated.
  2. Once you become a PR, you can move. Some people recommended staying in the province that nominated you for a few months to prove to IRCC that you legitimately tried to settle there in case that issue ever arises. One month is a little short. Maybe 3 months is better.
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  3. Based on what I heard from many people, you need to show that you legitimately tried to find a job and settle in the nominating province, but couldn't and then CIC won't have any problems. I've heard that people stay atleast for two months in the nominating province and collect all the applications, rejection emails etc etc to show that they tried.
    I don't know if moving immediately causes any problem or not, for any figure CIC requests.
  4. Does the detestation of city also matters?
    I have got a SK Nomination, and destination city is Regina, Can I settle in Saskatoon instead?
  5. yes, city is not a problem, but somehow staying in the nominated province is bit compulsory.
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  6. Hi,
    I have stayed 06 months in Sk and couldn't find. i started to apply out of province and got offer from ontario. is it same move as i got PR through SK PNP nomination. pls advise?
  7. Yes you are free to move around. But PNP nomination is a bit of a Pandora box. It really depends on how province will deal with the matter in the future.
    That is the reason why most people at least try (or pretend to try) to settle down in the province that have nominated them.
    Because at the end of the day, intention to stay in the province was one of the requirements for your PNP. So it is a bit grey area if ever provinces will try to seriously expose lack of real intentions (again it is very gray, but technically it could lead to the statement, that your intention that you have declared was not truthful, which could affect your PR).
    So the safe advice would be to try settle first before hopping on the opportunity.
    And it is much more common to see people nominated by Quebec leaving to Ontario rather then somebody leaving to Quebec.
    It will be also rather difficult to prove, that you could not find appropriate job in the biggest Canadian province, with cities like Toronto and Ottawa.
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  8. +1 and thanks for reply.
    my intent is genuine to live in SK, i have leased house, kinds going school, tried all the community employment services, tried a survival job (not relevant to my NOC), got laid off in couple of months, meanwhile 6 months are passed and i have job offer from ontraio relevant to my NOC.

    I've no issue staying in SK, but un-fortunately i couldn;t find any job and future scope under my NOC.

    So, reading few threads on this forum, i concluded provinces haven't yet one to court against any nominee so far, is it right?
  9. I did not see such case either. However it is still good to keep your evidence just in case (rental agreement, your survival jobs history and such). With that you should not have a problem.
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  10. I hope there won't be any query, but just in case as you mentioned, will keep all the record in archive. thanks for your prompt answer.
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