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Jan 13, 2022
hi guys,

finally, 23 months of waiting is over.... my timeline....

my timeline: (principal applicant + 1 dependent(spouse)
currently, holding closed work permit, spouse holding open work permit
Inland applicant - paper based - application initially sent to Sydney, Nova Scotia
AR: May 4 2018
AOR: July 20 2018
Upfront medical exam submitted results for both: March 01, 2019
Application sent to Winnipeg Local Visa Office: April 18 2019
Received by Winnipeg Local Visa Office: April 30 2019
Medical exam passed: December 2, 2019
ADR: December 2 2019 (schedule A and travel history for both, principal applicants T4, pay stubs, bank statements)
called cic almost every week: same response - background check started, specifically criminality check, eligibility on process, security check not started yet - and was told that security check will be done by a third party)
March 11 2020 received PRE ARRIVAL LETTER
April 7 2020 - received an email from IRCC officer for a phone interview
April 9, 2020 - phone interview at 2pm (10 mins of talk) - confirmation of permanent resident mailed to us (since visa office are closed due to covid crisis)
April 14 - received COPR by expressmail (friday and monday are both holidays) just needed to sign and initial and send back to visa office with passport and picture
April 16 - finally, PERMANENT RESIDENT STATUS - and received all necessary documents. Officer sent me an email to wait for the PR Card in the next few weeks.

Thank you for all your help guys. Have faith always. Good luck to everyone
What was the interview all about?


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Sep 22, 2021
Any movement at Winnipeg visa office?
Nothing for me after ADR submitted. I submitted documents on January 4, it was uploaded immediately and I got the email " we are reviewing your documents". Since then no update. I thought it was a good sign that my documents were uploaded immediately but looks like I have to go back to the waiting game. Very frustrating


Dec 7, 2021
Please share your timeline @Folee96
Applied for PR- June 17,2020

Got Application number(AOR)- January 7,2021

Married-Feb 13,2021

Spouse add on- Aug 2021(sent in documents)

Spouse on file- Sept 28,2021( appeared on my portal)

Upfront medicals- Oct 1(sent)

Medicals passed- Nov 19,2021

ADR-Nov 23,2021

ADR submitted- Dec 6,2021

PAL- Jan 26,2022

1st and 2nd email- Feb 3, 2022


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Nov 3, 2020
I got ecopr
First portal email: Feb 7, 2022
Second portal email: Login credentials: Feb 8, 2022
Submit address and photo : Feb 8, 2022
Ecopr: Feb 9, 2022
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