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Inviting parents

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Harmanharbhajan, Nov 11, 2018.

  1. Hii, I am in Canada On work permit. As my marriage anniversary is coming and I am holding a function in party hall. Function is on 29 dec.As I want to invite my mom and my sister from India on this occasion. Should I file paper file for them or online. And should I apply from Canada or India. Please reply must.
  2. It does not matter how their applications are submitted. As their applications will have their India addresses, they will be processed as submitted from India i.e. India processing times are likely to apply
  3. Hi, I applied for my mom and sister in visitor visa for my marriage anniversary. But they got refusal. What should I do now?? Should I appeal for that or I reapply??
  4. Appealing is a long, expensive process with no guarantees of overturning the refusal. They must reapply.

    Marriage anniversaries are not considered as a convincing purpose of visit unless it is a milestone event + evidence can be provided.

    You would need to assess which of your family members have strong visa applications and reapply only for those applicants after addressing the refusal reasons
  5. My father Came on my graduation. He got visa for 2 years. His visa is expiring on May 30,2019. He want to extend his visa. What should he do?? From where he can apply? When to apply?
  6. This is probably why your dad was refused. He applied for a new TRV several months before the expiry of his current visa.

    He cannot extend his TRV. He must apply for a new one from scratch shortly before/after the current TRV expires

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