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Inviting my wife to visit canada

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by voyager, Mar 16, 2009.

  1. Hello,

    I am a bit concerned after reading some of the posts here. I am PR of Canada from April 2008. I am planning to Invite my wife from India on a visitor visa. Meanwhile I have applied for her PR but since that would take time I want her here on visitor visa.

    She has her family over there but she does not have bank balance or a job. Would this be an obstacle? Is it good idea for me to Invite her?

    Thanks in advance
  2. none interested?
  3. Hi

    The obstacle is that she is married to a PR and is being sponsored, so CHC is going to assume that her purpose is to remain permanently, so the chances of her getting a TRV are close to nil.

  4. TRV does not apply for spouse, except she has a lot of money or a really strong "tie",
  5. If you already sponsored her and waiting for her application she can visits you but they take in account that she is able to support herself.
  6. To issue a TRV for her, you need concrete proof that she will leave again.
  7. Hi voyager,

    I am PR. I want to do same. Just got married and planning take my wife along with me on a visitor visa.

    Have you guys got the VISA and What documentation is required?

    Thanks a lot..
  8. it's very difficult to get visa being in sponsorship process. you need lots of proof of your ties to your country of residence.
  9. If the TRV were applied for early in the process of getting a permanent residence, then overstaying the TRV would be foolish, because it would presumably jeopardize the permanent visa. Right?

    Would the visa officer not think like this too?
  10. Hi

    No. They refuse to guess what peoples intentions are.

  11. I have no doubt that you are correct, PMM.

    But it is ironic that guessing at intentions is precisely what visa officers do when they conclude that an applicant will probably not return to the home country at the end of the temporary-visa period.

    So, they feel free to guess at bad intentions (because it's their job to "protect" Canada's interests), but not to guess at good intentions. I wonder what Christmas dinner is like in their homes?!
  12. A visitor's visa for a wife is possible while a PR application is being processed. I suggest you include any information you have on the stage of the PR application along with the temporary visa application. A Canadian Citizen I know from another forum did this for his wife from Russia in the past year.
  13. Interesting that you got a visitor's visa, BCKev. I was told by several imigration experts that the chances are close to NIL, and this pessimism is seconded by several posters here.

    It seems to me that visa officers have a LOT of personal leeway when assessing an application. Rjessome (sp?) stated a few weeks ago that visa officers must apply the law in assessing applications. But I am not so optimistic. It seems to me that a lot depends on which visa officer you get on your file.

    Before we were married, my then-girlfriend applied for a student visa to study English in Canada for 6 months. Her class and accomodation expenses were paid in advance, she had a letter of invitation from me, and a letter from an employer offering her a job when she returned to China. Her application was denied for lack of evidence she would return to China.

    About the only other tie to China I can conceive of would be to own a house, and even there a few experts on this forum (PMM and Immigrationexpert) have said that this tie would not be critical. So, what more could my now-wife have offered? Nothing that I can think of.
  14. Actually it wasn't me, but someone I know. Two factors that probably helped the application are that the husband in Canada was a citizen, and that his wife left her child in Russia while visiting Canada. Having the child in Russia gave her a very good reason to return. As it turned out, she recieved her PR visa shortly after returning to Russia.
  15. I disagree. I had two small children left in my country and was denied a visitor's visa twice. there should be a really strong reason for them to grand you visa. and they don't care whether you have a Canadian spouse or not.

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