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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by wefeia, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. i got a letter from our visa office requesting an interview for my husband's PR application.

    We didn't get the date yet because the current wait time is 4-6 months for a date. my question is can i just send them all the new proof and stuff that i have accumilated over the past 7 months to them right now or should i just wait for the appointement? Will they change their mind if they get it now and not make us wait the 4 months? I was sooooo upset when i got this letter!

    Also the date on the letter was Nov 31 2011 but the postage stamp is dated Oct 31 2011. So which date should i start counting from?

    I appreciate any advice.

    By the way, is it normal for the letter to say "interview is required to assess whether you meet the requirements of the category in which you applied."

    Just sounded a little scary.

  2. We too just got our interview date...except ours is on Thursday so we have very little time to get everything organized!

    Did it say in the letter about the documents you must bring? Ours requested proof of financial situation, original valid passport, and proof that we want to reside in Canada. Sooo make sure you gather these types of documents as well as proof of your genuine relationship. Are you sure the wait time is 4-6 months? It might be a good idea to send them if you do find out for sure that the wait time for an interview is that long. I have heard of people sending in more proof even when they didn't request it. And I don't think you need to be worried about what they wrote in the email. They probably write that for everyone :p
  3. I would count from Oct 31 2011, since Nov 31st doesnt exist-its obviously a typo.
  4. nope they didn't request anything yet. It just said that an immigration officer has decided we need an interview. Then it said "please note the current wait time for an interview date is 4-6 months."

    I wish you the best of luck on your interview! Let me know what happens. :)
  5. I don't think it's a typo. I think that that since they sent it through the snail mail they gave it some time for me to receive it.

    When they requested my husband birth certificate I received the letter a month and 28 days later!! I wish they could just email us instead. But yea, I would sooo rather go by Oct 31st.. that means almost a whole month has passed :)
  6. November 31st doesnt exist..... and I don't think they would post date letters.

  7. Oh oops...now i get what u mean. Wow don't I ever feel dumb.

    Sorry :)
  8. LOL!! We all have our moments! :)
  9. Hi wifeia,

    Hope I can be of help. Though my VO is ND, I follow the other threads too. Pakistan's processing times are 26 months, and this is what I have seen people do over there. When they recieve objection letters like yours, they send all the relationship proof and try and address any concerns they have about your relationship. And, yes, for some people, the interview has been waived too. So I would suggest you give it a shot. Maybe you can order the GCSM/CAIPs notes to find out more information.

    All the best! :)
  10. Thanks for the advice. That's what i was going to do. Im also going to be contacting my MP tomorrow because they told me to let them know if i get any updates on our account. Maybe she can find me an answer faster than the GCSM notes! That way i'll know exactly what i need to send.
  11. hi wifeia i just got the same e mail in novembre 4 and till now i am weting and nothing so pls do you know haw much it will take to get the next mail or call or whatever and is important to order the GCSM/CAIPs so i know ppls they never do things like that and they passed the interview very good so pls we need edvice thnx for all here
  12. Hi bilbob,

    Well i think that every visa office is different. My letter said 4-6 months for interview date. but urs could be less or more. which visa office did you apply through?

    Also I'm sure many people passed the interview with no problems so you don't really have to order the GCSM/CAIP notes but in my case i'm really curious of why they are requesting an nterview. I just want to make sure that i'll have the proper proof if they ask me. that's all.
  13. ok thnx for replay my vo is paris what is yours and ihope evry thing go well us me too i dont undrestand why they request the interview us i think evry thing is ok with us but whatever iam ready for it so i think evry thing will be ok i hope so too :(
  14. So my MP just got back to me and let me know that the interview that they are requesting is actually a SECURITY interview. she said that they told her they don't want any documents from me (i asked her to see if i need to send more proof of our relationship) so i guess they're not worried about our relationship not being real.

    What i don't understand is why a security interview?! he has a perfectly clean record. never convicted of anything at all. Is not involved in any political stuff there and he has lived in the same country all his life. :(

    Apparently the 4-6 months wait is because its a security interview.

    I still don't understand why?! :'(
  15. has your husband been in the army ? I see you are appying through Tel Aviv...

    being in the military delays applications, as more investigations have to be conducted mostly for security reasons.

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