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INTERAC e-Transfer | I don't like it.

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by Clorets90, Feb 1, 2019.

  1. Hi all
    I have INTERAC e-Transfer pending to accept it but I don't like or want to accept it.
    What will happen if I keep it without accepting it?
    I just don't like.

  2. ? This isn't really an immigration question.
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  3. It will get eventually returned to the sender after set period of time, depending on the institution.
  4. No sir it's daily life issue ideas.
  5. Thanks sir.
  6. Who is trying to send you money then?
  7. What if Snowflayc is a women?
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  8. If you never accept it, after a certain period of time it goes back to the sender. Though if someone sent you money, they have to know the phone number or email account, indicating you likely know the person. You can always tell them to cancel it.
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  9. I'm sorry I don't know that.
  10. Be sure that you know who is the sender and that you are expecting a payment. This is often a fake transaction and a scam.
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  11. The point foodie69 is trying to make is, there are a lot of women on this forum. Constantly assuming the person you're interacting with is a "sir" or "he" can be insulting.
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  12. Thank you I will not add he or she to my comments.
  13. You have never said in this post. Do you know the sender or not?
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  14. Yes I know him he is my friend...i want from him 370$ and he lives far so he suggested INTERAC e-Transfer and I asked here for having more information.
  15. Then take the money..I use e transfer on a regular basis.
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