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Inland Sponsorship and OWP questions!

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by b4evergrace, Nov 22, 2019.

  1. Hey guys so I had a question about PR and OWP.
    I am from the US and my husband is a Canadian citizen. We have been together 2 years, married since July 20th of this year. We finally just got our marriage certificate to apply inland PR and OWP. Ive been here a year and just applied for a visitor extension, which they responded back not even a week later allowing me to stay for 6 months instead of the year I asked for.
    My questions are:
    ▪︎Will I be able to apply for another visitor extension if my OWP isnt approved, or hasn't been approved by the time im supposed to leave in May 2020?
    ▪︎Do you think if I apply for the visitor extension and show them where im at in the process they will extend it enough to recieve an answer on PR?
    ▪︎Since i've been here as a Visitor from the US. I havent worked in a year. When applying for an OWP, will I need to contact my previous jobs to show proof I worked before? Or can I just put down the jobs I had. I was unsure since I wont need a LIMA or a job offer since i'm applying inland with my PR and my husband is sponsoring me.
    ▪︎I have a 10 year old daughter currently in the US who is in school, if I get approved for a OWP can she come here and start school or would it be better for her to stay in the US until our PR app is approved?

    Thank you so much for your time, and all help is greatly appreciated.
  2. 1. You won't need to apply for a visitor extension. The OWP app maintains your status.

    2. As above.

    3. You don't need proof of former jobs.

    4. Your personal decision.
  3. Thank you for the quick response. I have 2 more questions.
    I read that if you are in Canada, applying inland you dont need to do biometrics? Is that true?
    Since my daughter is 10, and I believe I read biometrics is 14-79 will I need to get biometrics done for her?
  4. Yes.

  5. Thank you so so very much. It's been such a long year. I'm ready to get this process going. Have a wonderful day!
  6. You may want to contact the school district when it comes to your daughter. Will you be working when she comes to Canada? That would make a difference.
  7. With a sponsorship app in process and a Canadian step-parent, there shouldn't be any issues enrolling the child in school regardless of whether OP is working.
  8. Missed that she was on the PR app as well and not as non-accompanying. Some school boards seem to want children to have student permits versus just TRVs. Really depends on the school district.

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