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Indian TV Channels

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by grouvvy, Oct 4, 2013.

  1. I landed in Calgary last month and noted that there are hardly any options for Indian TV channels - those being offered by providers like Shaw or Telus are too expensive. Also, Jaadoo TV, another option, has been reported to have signal problems. Can someone suggest cheaper and better options to get channels like Sony, Zee, Colors, Star Plus etc ?
  2. You should ask around withing the desi community they could provide you with this service at a very cheap rate, its not the correct way to obtain service but you dont have to worry about it nothing will happen to you. The company takes care of it from the back end. You should not be paying more than $15-20/ month for all indian channels, that includes Sony, Starplus, Zee, B4U, B4U movies, ZeeCinema, and atleast 20 other indian channels.
  3. Why not watch the local channels you have in Calgary? Why move half way around the world and still want the same as at home? Integration to the Canadian way of life is paramount to your success on every level. That starts with knowing what is happening in THIS country, local TV is a good option. Don't get me wrong, once or twice a year I google what is happening in my birth country, but for the rest of it, I cannot be bothered. I live, work and have friends here, I am accepted and valued because I am integrated in society.
  4. He is just asking for TV channels, there is nothing wrong with that. Its not like he is actively looking to make only Indian friends, only looking to eat Indian food, wear Indian clothes, lead Indian lifestyle and run around the streets carrying the Indian flag. Besides if Canada had something called culture then your argument would stand and people would make an effort to adopt a Canadian culture. With such a diverse population wrt to culture and religion you possibly cannot adopt to any one single culture rather stick to your own or adopt a cocktail culture with no particular identity of your own.
  5. Well said... ;)

  6. Indian Tv Channels have lot of entertainment. Dramas and movies of India are famous in the world. So, People like to see Their tv channel.
  7. There is increasing amounts of current programming being broadcasted in English and Punjabi.

    If you wonder why there isn't more India-centric broadcasting like you see in India, that's because this isn't India. Shocker there.

    Surely if cable/satellite providers saw a good profit in (and were allowed) re-transmission of said content they would do it.

    There are plenty of stream options or one as mentioned in the topic already. The "usb" delivery method of channels (the legality of this questionable) has become pretty popular.

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