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Indian passport holder on a visit to USA applying from USA for a tourist visa to

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by inttrade, Apr 13, 2017.

  1. I am an Indian passport holder.I hold a 10 year US visa. I will be visiting my daughter in Boston ,USA shortly.
    She is a US citizen. I hold a 10 year US visa.While I am in Boston for about 2 months, I want to apply for a tourist
    visa to visit Vancouver / Canadian rockies during June/July 2017.
    Can I apply for a tourist visit Visa at the Canadian consular office in Newyork ?
    Can I apply online and send the passport by courier to Canadian consulate at Newyork ?
    Will I be called for any interview ?
    Pl. advice.
  2. It's April already and time tight to go to Canada in June/July. You should have applied from India.
  3. As you will have temporary status in the US, you must apply for a TRV when you're in India. Or apply online by giving a India address.

    As you have a valid US visa, you can apply under the CAN+ program for faster processing.

    No, you cannot apply directly at the NY visa office. You must apply through the NY CVAC

    If you apply online and get a passport request, you must submit your passport to the CVAC. You cannot courier your passport to the NY visa office

    Interviews are rare. But possible in some cases

    You'll find more information here:
  4. I’m in a similar situation. Visiting Los Angeles atm and wish to visit Vancouver soon.

    So if I understand correctly, Indian citizens on a Tourist Visa in the USA are eligible to apply for a Canadian tourist visa? Just have to apply at the Los Angeles CVAC instead of the visa office, is that right? Thank you.

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