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In Canada landing

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by somadina, Jul 1, 2019.

  1. Hi please I need help , I got my copr last week , I reside in Canada . Can I travel outside ( home country) and do my landing when I get back at the airport or do I need to have a trv separate to be able to return to Canada or will PRTD be enough to enter Canada with my COPR
  2. What's your country of citizenship? You should have got either an Immigrant visa (single entry), or if you're from an visa-exempt country, you will have an ETA automatically granted.

    Yes, you can fly back to Canada with either the IM-1 visa on your passport or the ETA. You have to have gotten one or the other.

    You cannot fly with just the CoPR. And you cannot get a PRTD before you've become a PR.
  3. My country of citizenship is Nigeria , so do I need to travel with a Temporary resident Visa to be able to enter Canada? Or can I land with my confirmation of Permanent and Permanent resident stamped on my visa .
  4. Nigerians need a visa. Didn't you get a IM-1 Immigrant visa on your passport along with your CoPR? If you have that on your passport, then yes, you can fly back on that visa.

    You don't need a Temporary Resident Visa, the IM-1 visa is all you need.

    The CoPR alone is not enough to board the plane.
  5. Yes I do i wasn’t if I could travel with that and Copr and do my landing when I get back in 3 weeks
  6. Ok, so then you're all set.
  7. Thank you so much for the clarification. God bless
  8. Wouldn't hurt to verify that your IM-1 visa says Entries: Multiple
    Because if its only a single entry visa, then once it is used on your first landing, it cannot be used again
  9. IM-1s are single-entry. OP said that he hasn't done his first landing yet.
  10. Got it sorry, misread.
    Then 100% agree, OP is all set to become a PR when he returns.

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