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IMT Gazhiabad Distance learning

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Prabhjeet1982, Jul 26, 2017.

  1. Is anybody who has got a Positive ECA assessment for PGDBA from IMT Gazhiabad. WES or ICAS which authority can accept the education
    I wrote to ICAS and this was there reply

    "For postsecondary study completed in India, we are able to assess the following:

    · Qualifications awarded by institutions which were recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC) at the time of admission

    · Programs recognized by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) at the time of admission

    · Distance education programs recognized by the Distance Education Council (DEC) or UGC at the time of your admission

    · Qualifications awarded by State Boards of Technical Education "

    It seems if they get the proof of
  2. Has anybody on this earth got positive ECA in two or more diplomas's catwgory
  3. Hi, just a query related to the abovesaid subject. I have done PGDBM in the year 2008 that time affiliated by Vidyasagar university. Any idea on this?
  4. Wes doesn't except it
  5. Which year did you complete your PGDBM?
  6. IQAS also rejected my MBA of 2005-08 batch. We need to get together and get some proofs from IMT/VU to show it's validity.
  7. Which transcript have you submitted? Issued by IMT or VU?
  8. I completed MBA from IMT CDL in 2007. I believe; we should collect official transcript from Vidyasagar University. VU is fully recognized. IMT was an institute only. Transcript issued by IMT will always consider as from non-recognized institute. Thoughts?
  9. Since I got only the transcripts from IMT, I had no other options. VU doesn't even talk to students in this case. I have approached the highest authorities possible but no one is ready to help. Now I have filed complaints in DEB against both of them they are doing such things with students like me. I am waiting for any replies, which i am sure no one will do. Did you get any transcripts from VU, BTW?
  10. I have requested for transcript from VU recently. Application is on the way and still didn't reached at VU. I am keeping my finger crossed for me and for all those aspirants who are on the same boat like us. WES clearly says on their website that they need transcript from University and not from the institute. I have strong feeling that if we could get the official transcript from VU then many of our problems may resolved.
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    Since VU is a state university; we are having an option to file RTI (Right to information) related to our queries and they must have to take care of our queries!
  12. It looks that a professional distance education degree/diploma needs to be approved by following at the time of admission:

    1) University Grants Commission (UGC)
    2) All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)
    3) Distance Education Council (DEC)

    If approval from any one of the above is missing; then it may lead to rejection of our degree/diploma by WES/IQAS etc.
    Degree from IGNOU are meeting all of the above criteria.

    I am not sure about IMT. We may check with IMT directly Or Vidyasagar University by filing a RTI (Right to information).

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