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Immgration for my Parent's.

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by 613gooner, Dec 15, 2015.

  1. Hello All,

    Recently my brother and I became Canadian citizens. This was a massive step forward for us and are really happy. The only thing that remains is getting our parent's to Canada. So as of now we are looking to entrepreneurship category or the investor category for them. They are ready to invest to the tune of $375,000 CAD. Is there any province that will give them the PRC for that amount?

    Also another question is does age play a huge factor in fast track skilled worker program?

    Thanks for reading this, looking forward to the replies.


  2. They don't have sufficient funds to qualify for the Federal Investor immigration program.

    I would recommend they take a look at the Federal Start Up immigration program.

    If they want to look into a provincial program, forget about Ontario - they don't have sufficient funds for that program. However there may be another provincial program that will work for them.

    I'm not sure what you mean by "fast track skilled worker program". If you are referring to Express Entry - then yes, age certainly factors into the number of points someone receives and it's more difficult to be selected the older you are.
  3. Thanks a lot for the information, that is really helpful. I'll definatlety tell them to look into the Federal start up immigration program.

    Just a quick question, do you mind telling me what are the other provincial programs that you were talking about?

    Much appreciated!
  4. Links to information about provincial program are at the bottom of the page below. You will have to research each to find out if they have an investor category and what the criteria are:

  5. Thanks a bunch! That's perfect.
  6. First of all Congratulations to you both on becoming Canadian Citizen, I am sure it had taken lot of time & efforts to finally reach here and for sure is a good move for once career & future.

    I also understand that you would now want your parents to migrate to Canada & settle with you both.
    Canada offers different migration route through which all eligible candidates rather skilled professional/family members/relatives meeting the specific requirement can apply through one of these routes. Mostly all skilled professionals from any other country (Overseas) apart from Canada apply under a major PR category called FSWP “Federal Skilled Worker Program”.

    For short term, you could also look for Canada Super visa for your parent or even Parent Migration if the quota is open.

    Investor category for sure is a good option however; the funds required would be more & depends upon the province one applying for and many other factors.

    Based on the current situation you could look for Canada super visa which will allow your parent to immediately move to Canada & can stay with you both for 2 years at a stretch without having to leave & in the meantime you could also look for Parent migration or other options possible.
    I wish you both Good luck for a happy & prosperous life in Canada with your parents.
    Enjoy, Cheers!!!

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