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IMM5669 form issues


Nov 6, 2019

I cant seem to find any information about the issue I am having with the IMM5669 form. My Adobe is all up to date and all my other forms have been able to be validated with the proper barcodes. My issue is that it won't let me validate it because it keeps saying that I have a gap of time in my personal information, the form has issues with the fact that my husband had two jobs during the same time period and it is making the form think there is an error or gap in the time period between to two jobs (one started first and then a few months later the other one started but he held them both at the same time for a period of time).

There is no help centre question that answers this on the CIC webpage and no help center number for tech problems that I can find. We live in the US outside of Canada.

Thank you.