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IMM 5710 - Open work permit - Clarifications required.

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by IMMI_123, Feb 18, 2013.

  1. Hello,

    I am filling out 5710 form for me and for my spouse for open work permit.

    Myself - Primary applicant : I will continue to work for the same employer (even after getting Open work permit).In that case, Can I provide my employer details in the 'Details of Intended Work in Canada' section?

    For my spouse ( doesn't have any job offer yet from any employer)..Can I leave it blank or write NA in this section?

    Where can I locate 'document number' in my recent visitor record or work permit? I see three different numbers file number, client id and a number printed in the top ( is this the one??).

    Appreciate any inputs. THX____
  2. Client ID is the one which you need to mention in WP application form
  3. Top right corner of your work permit, there are two numbers. One in a box and one below it. The one below starts with a letter and then a series of digits. That's the number you can use. At least that's the only number that the PDF validates.

    Not sure about your other questions. Just make sure you pick Open Work Permit as the type.
  4. I have the same question and the answer is not clear... I want to have an open work permit, but I also would stay with the same company. Should I write my company's information? Because it asks to attach original offer of employment. And I don't want they mention it on my WP. Does anyone know how I should proceed? Thanks
  5. Hi All,

    What do i select in the IMM5710E for a spousal open work permit from the below options ???

    A work permit with the same employer
    A work permit with a new employer
    Restoration of temporary resident as a worker
    Initial temporary resident permit or extension of temporary resident permit

    Plz help
  6. Hi Karioca,

    I did not indicate my employer's name and typed "applying for bridging open work permit". OWP does not require your employers name.
  7. Thanks Ottawa10. I did the same
  8. Hi,

    Have you all seen the most recent post regarding a CEC applicant who applied for an Open Work Permit and was refused?
    Please take a look at this, as it may be something to be concerned about.
    Please give your comments on it.

  9. Hi Krithika

    Have you submitted the OWP for your spouse.
    What did you choose from the list for point 3 in IMM5710E form?

  10. I am in the process of applying Open WP for my spouse and we have chosen second option WP for new employer, although she doesn't have a job offer yet.

    We are leaving the Employer Information section blank as well.
  11. Hi PB02

    I will be opting for the 2nd option for my spouse OWP.
    Please do let me know if everything goes well.I would be applying somewhere near April Mid.

    Btw are you applying online??what all documents are you submitting apart from IMM5710E form.

  12. Hi,
    I want to apply for open WP with ref to my PR approval received just now (Applied for PR last month). Can anybody let me know which option to select in the IMM5710E for my application & spouse. I want apply open WP for me & my spouse.
    My current holding WP is valid till last week of Apr13. Can I apply for open WP now in this short period?.

    A work permit with the same employer
    A work permit with a new employer
    Restoration of temporary resident as a worker
    Initial temporary resident permit or extension of temporary resident permit

  13. HI,

    I just want to ask , How did you validate the IMM 5710 form if the you leave the Employer Information blank ?

    See i tried to fill out the form, and leave few questions on "DETAILS OF INTENDED WORK IN CANADA" that does not apply for me in blank . But, when i try to validate to this form , i can't because there is some questions that i did not fill.

    I've been questioning this question here and there but no one answering, i wish you could help me.

  14. Try to write any title related to the past experience, (if any) or related to the education
  15. Hi I want to apply for Bridging Open Work Permit.

    1. whether am eligible to apply for Bridging Open Work Permit?
    Note: Canadian Experience Class PR Application status - Application Received. ( Note: they received my application on 1st march )

    2. As of now, am in Work Permit and working and my contract with company is going to expire on 31st July 2013 along with my work permit and visa. While filling the form IMM5710E (Application to Change Conditions, Extend my Stay or Remain in Canada as a Worker)

    a. What should i choose from below?
    i. A work permit with the same emploer
    ii. Restoration of temporary resident status as worker
    iii. A work permit with a new employer
    iv Initial Temporary Resident permit or extension of temporary resident permit.

    b. Do i have to provide present Employer detail on "Details of Intended Work in Canada", as my contract is going

    to expire on 31st July and applying for Open Work Permit.

    3. Do my spouse to fill seperate form. As of now, she is with me in Visitor.


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