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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by dtenchavez, Jul 8, 2019.

  1. Who has experienced not signing the form IMM5669 electronically? I had a hand-written signature only. I went thru the checklist over and over and I missed that information there. So stupid. Anyway, the application had been sent. I asked a couple of people on what to do as well (THANK YOU GUYS) and advised me to send an updated form thru IRCC webform. Tho not guaranteed that they would honour it, I still gave it shot but the webform is not working, unfortunately.
    I am just really making this thread maybe to make me feel better about the possible outcome of my application which is probably gonna be returned. So yeah.
  2. You should be absolutely fine with a traditional 'wet signature' only.
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  3. the new form for 06-2019 doesn't even have the electronic signature
  4. H
  5. just to confirm, we now only have to scan and upload the form ? and not validate it right ? as there is no option to validate.
    Please confirm asap

  6. Electronically sign it, validate, print and wet signature beside the electronic sign.
  7. I don't see validate button now, in the June 2019 version. ?
  8. We don’t need to validate new eimm 5669
  9. Thanks. So by scanning, signing and uploading it should work. Let me know if I am incorrect please
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  10. Yes that’s all
  11. How come I can’t download the new form? It would still download the old one.

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