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IMM 5562 - How to write Soft Landing


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Apr 22, 2017
Hi Everyone.

I am going to apply in few weeks and gathering all information.

On IMM 5562 (A Country Specific Requirement for applicants from Pakistan), It asks Spouse travel history in Question 2b. I am kind of confused on how to write the dates considering my country of residence. Here are the dates for reference.

Got PPR (EE): July 2018
Traveled to Canada for Soft Landing (September 2018 (2 weeks) then came back to Pakistan
Traveled to Canada for permanent settlement (June 2019)
Short trip to Pakistan for engagement (September 2019 - One week)
Upcoming trip to Pakistan for wedding (March-April 2019)

Should i start from September 2018 or June 2019? Technically i was not a resident between September 2018 and June 2019 as i was working in Pakistan during this time.

There is character limit on purpose of visit too so can i explain to them in LOE? I just want to do it right in the first try.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.