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IELTS Topic Ideas including Books and audio

Discussion in 'IELTS - International English Language Testing Sys' started by GreenBD, Mar 2, 2013.

  1. Hello Green BD,

    Pls share me the material/Link on aditya.bhosale42@gmail.com
  2. Can you please send to himanth.reddy6018@gmail.com
  3. Hi @GreenBD. Can you please share the material with me at hunk2kewl@gmail.com ? Thanks a lot.

  4. Has anyone received these materials yet?
  5. Hello, Could you please send me IELTS material at kanvalraj@live.com. Thanks in advance :)
  6. Hi!

    I am new to this forum.

    I am also looking for IELTS study materails.

    Could anyone please send me the materials?

    Thanks and regards
  7. Hi there , can you please share the books via email . mine is sarankamalkml@gmail.com .
    thanks in advance.
  8. how is the IELTS test different from the others? why would you take the IELTS and not the TOEIC?
  9. Hi GreenBD can I have the link or copy my email address is inman.mirabel@gmail.com thanks in advance!!

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