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IELTS Sep 30 Key

Discussion in 'IELTS - International English Language Testing Sys' started by kartheek89, Sep 30, 2017.

  1. Just received my results L:8.5/R:7/S:7/W:6. Last time I got 6.5 and I am pretty sure I did better this time
  2. everything else looks good. try a reval maybe? also did you get a text or through the site?
  3. ^^

    Most likely I will go for EOR.
    Just received them over phone.
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  4. hmmm my wife hasn't received anything so far. lets see..waiting is the worst lol
  5. Hi guys
    Anyone know the academic reading answers of 30th september
  6. It is my first attempt, just received my result for General L:8.5/R:8.5/S:7/W:6.5.
    Missed CLB 9 because of writing. I think may be I am missed out on word count for task 2, should I go for EOR ???
  7. Did you get it via text?or website..
  8. Thanks.. Still nothing for me.. Guess it'll come by morning
  9. I think the answer for that one is CLUB.
  10. Thank you. I missed that one. Do you remember Section 3 where two students are talking about their observations on different teachers? I think I missed two of them as well.
  11. I missed some from that section as well . Let’s see. I missed the very last question as well.
  12. Hey guys..results ars out for Sept 30.
    Overall 6.5
  13. Still “No result found for me” . I gave my test at York University , Toronto . How about you ?
  14. Did you give IELTS at IDP?

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