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Ielts GT 9th feb questions And discussion


Feb 9, 2019
If we wrote in answer in As per given paper in " A B C D " instead of description " by train , by donkey" is is acceptable or not..Please reply
As mentioned by couple of members here that the alphabets were to be filled in the answer sheet. e.g. A, B, C etc. as applicable.


Feb 9, 2019
I answered it wrong then.

If possible, can u give me answers for questions 28 to 31? T/F/NG.

Please post whatever answers u remeeber, any section ? Appreciate it help
Actually i am not eexpert at true false ng
But i remember
First was true
One was not given
Two were false
Not sure
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Dec 2, 2018
NOC Code......
IELTS Request

I wrote "large organizations" in the fourth part cuz 2 words were allowed. Similarly, I had written "languages" for one of the questions, but changed this to "language" because the question had an "a".


In part 1, most questions were either true or false. Only one question was NG (the question about product description). In part 2, I had "automatic right", "set procedure" etc. Most of the answers had 2 words in this part.

In the last part, the question about colours is G, the question about what the airline company will do next is H, the question about hopes about the future trend is the para that says "the company hopes to get back the invested money before the construction is done". All answers in this part had answers between para c or D - H. Nothing from A or B (Someone needs to confirm this)

In the last part, fill in the blank questions, there was one question that had interior ____. After spending too much time on this and being unsuccessful, I wrote features. Not sure of the answer.

In the true or false questions, there was one true, one not given (about the singapore, london question) and 2 false. One was more than 555 passengers and the other one, I am not sure.

I will post anything else which I remember later.
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