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Ielts 2nd December 2017 answer key

Discussion in 'IELTS - International English Language Testing Sys' started by PRT_s, Dec 1, 2017.

  1. Sorry I also answered FALSE

  2. Unfortunately there is no such website. People post answers according to their perception.

    Don’t worry no one is 100% sure about their answers and even if they are there is possibility they may be wrong. Just relax and stay positive for your results.
  3. Its good to see that u all are active here and moreover i totally agree reading was very tricky and Mickey i have marked the first ques as NG thinking the same scenario which u have mentioned firstly i marked it true but later i changed it and moreover in this group i have just seen u who has also marked paragraph A for last section the ques was impact on London i have also marked the same but don’t know what actually would be the result.I wish everyone good luck .
  4. Test Center: Pakistan Islamabad
    Listening Answers:
    1. Ropes
    2. The Equipment
    3. Safety
    4. Guide
    5. Forest
    6. Navigation
    7. Lunch
    8. 20 %
    9. Shoes
    10. Arkwright
    11. A
    12. C
    13. B
    14. A
    15. B
    16. A
    17. H
    18. E
    19. D
    20. F
    21. C
    22. A
    23. C
    24. B
    25. A
    26. A
    27. B
    28. C
    29. A
    30. C
    31. Dry
    32. Modern
    33. Hunger
    34. Pirates
    35. Sell
    36. Scientist
    37. Disease
    38. Information
    39. Government
    40. Corn
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  5. Wow!
  6. Let’s hope for the best. Good luck to all. Please post your scores once results are out, so that we can come to know where we went wrong if we can recall our answers and doubtful ones.
  7. Great memory buddy.
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  8. Can u tell us the right options? :) i don't remembee each a,b,c

  9. That is one awesome
    Memory:)i have no idea about the multiple questions,its impossible for me to remember!
    Was it pirates or thieves for question 34?
  10. Can you put some keywords in front of those ABC options for the sake of clarity
  11. awesome..1-10 and 31-40 matches with my answers..do you have text answers for 11-31?
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  12. In London Fire Reading passage, last T/F/NG, there was a question on Christopher refused to build...something like that. But in the passage it said he did not have an option/choice...something on those lines. So what would be the answer - I gave Not Given, because its not mentioned whether he agreed or disagreed, just that he was given no choice
  13. I felt it should be true tooo.. I hope we are correct.
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    I got this section right!!! But with Women I suppose not human

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