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IEC questions for 2018

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by el_turkio, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. Hey there,

    Now my questions may be abit stupid.

    I have recieved an email on 4th Oct 2018 informing me that i have been accepted into the pools.

    Firstly, i would like to know when the next rounds of invitations will open?
    Second, does my confirmation letter mean that i will be eligible for the next round or will i have to keep an eye open and re-submit?

    Thank you for any help given
  2. Are you sure the 2018 program is open yet or have you got an automated response for what remains of 2017 ? Which country are you from ? If this relates to the 2017 program you would need to resubmit pool entry again once the 2018 program is announced sometime in next couple months probably.
  3. Hey thanks for getting back to me.

    So I'm from the UK. I innitialy applied on the 3rd of Oct for the IEC, a couple of days later i recieved an online letter in my application profile. The letter which says "You have been accepted to the International Experience Canada pool(s)" and proceeds to inform me, with instructions on how I should get my documentation prepared in the case of being invited to apply.
    What do you think? In the case I do have to re-apply, should I wait for them to inform me, or should withdraw my application and re-submit it?
  4. You entered yourself into the 2017 pool and you were accepted. What you received was an automated message telling you you've been accepted into the pool. All UK spots have been taken for 2017 so you should not be expecting an invitation:


    You'll need to enter yourself into the pool again once it reopens for 2018.
  5. Well thats good to hear, how do i approach it. Do i wait till they tell me to re-apply or take myself out? And does anyone know when the next pool opens?
  6. You don't have to take yourself out. Just reapply once the 2018 pool opens. No one knows when it's going to open. You'll just have to watch the site.
  7. Thank very much for your help

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