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I received massage from online service of Cic

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Mo2yed, Nov 4, 2018.

  1. Dear,
    I received massage in my Cic account that they have concerns that the bank statement which you have provided in support of my application is fraudulent.and i have 15 days to response.
    How i can respond and what the response way they need?
  2. Is the bank statement fraudulent?

    If not, you want to provide evidence to support the fact that it is real. This could include a letter from your bank. Bank historical bank statements to show the account is real.
  3. My statement is real.
    If I Returned to the bank and i let them stamp all pages it is acceptable?
    And also where i will submit it again .
    FYI, I applied in online (cic.cg.ca).

  4. did you stamp the statement or send the net banking statement
  5. What you submitted in bank statement???

    Did you submitted account maintaince letter??
  6. The Bank just stamp first page and last page.
  7. Only bank statement
  8. is there sufficient funds? has there been a big transaction done the last few months? some people do this to make the amount bigger but it would appear suspicious.
  9. Net Banking Statement with the digital stamp is acceptable in all embassies?

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