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I need samples of affidavits and letters, please help me.!!!


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Jan 5, 2012
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Good morning.

It would be possible to get some samples of the different letters and affidavits required by the Canadian Embassy in order to apply for a study permit or, let me know of any link where somebody had published them. I would like to have them for my reference.

1. Personal statement in support of student permit application.
2. Description of the trip (letter).
3. Confirmation of accommodation letter. I will live with cousin in Canada, she will pay or sponsoring me during my stay in Canada.
4. Certified letter from the custodian accepting custody of the minor. (I am 17 years old)
5. Affidavit of undertaking from my family member paying my expenses. My aunt will pay my tuition cost and travel expenses, or affidavit for sponsorship declaration.
6. Personal letter stating my ties and my promise to come back to my country.
Thank you so much for your time and help.
God bless and prosper you.