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I Have a Job Offer Where Should I Do My Medical Check Up?

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by excellence, Jul 23, 2012.

  1. Hi I need some information. I have applied for a job in Canada through a consultant and travel agency. They accepted my application and they send me a job offer letter. My agency telling me that they asked (My Employer) me to do some medical check up of my health because they want to be sure that I am in good health. So I asked my agency what kind of check up should I do and where do I do them? My agency told me that there client (My Employer) have a medical center where they do the medical checkup for my employer.
    Now my question is what Kind of medical check up may I have to do and where should I do them? Because I think that they have to be authorized by Canadian Government or Embassy.
    Please replay ASAP! It is very important.
    If you have similar experience please share. Tell us how do you get the job and what steps and activities you did to successfully go to your destination?

    Thanks very much.
  2. The employer is already asking for medicals? What type of job are you applying for? Have you received the positive LMO? Normally in the application process the medical request will come after your file has been opened and reviewed.

  3. @excellence, does your future employer want you to have a medical to make sure you are really fit to work before they process your papers? if so, i think she/ he is so prudent.
    i agree w/ job_seeker, medical request from the consulate comes when u already passed your application
  4. No I didn't have the medical request paper yet, my agency telling me that. I am applying for waiter. I don't know what LMO looks like but I have the job offer later in the official pad of the employer. Is that sufficient? Can you give me a source where I can learn about temporary work permit visa processing?
    Thanks very much.
  5. Where are you applying from?

  6. I am applying from Bangladesh.
  7. eXCELLENCE, here's the sequence of application of work permit to the embassy in the Philippines, I do not know if this is universal among Canadian Embassy satellites around the world for TWP:

    If you are applying fofr temporary work permit for your NOC: (I will be Food counter attendant in Canada, our field is relatively similar)

    1. Job offer- YOu must sign the contract
    2. The employer applies for LMO-He must establish justifiable reason why he needs a foreign worker despite full efforts in looking for Canadian citizen to fill the vacancy. Positive LMO must be released to be able to proceed to the next step
    3. LMO positive, then you must submit your docs to the embassy AOR will follow
    4. After AOR, Medical Request (MR) will follow. the embassy will direct you to have a medical exams to the accredited Designated Medical Practitioner (DMP). List of DMP is indicated in the MR.
    5. If you passed the Medical Exams, and no additional tests is needed, then you wait for your Passport request.
    6. passport request (PPR) is somewhat a positive response to your visa application.
    7.If you have submitted PP then you will have the Visa.
    Hope this helps. If I forgot , forumers , pls add to give light to our fellow friend.
  8. Follow the links (applications from your country are handled by CIC in Singapore)

  9. Thanks very much sheykivanuel this is helpful.
  10. Excellence.... I am not sure but this is what I think.

    Your prospective employer might want to be sure if you are in good health..fit to work... before he proceeds to file an LMO for you. This must be a different medical check up than the ones conducted by Designated Medical Practitioners to visa applicants who have already filed their application for a TWP with the Canadian Embassy in their place.

    If my guess is right, then you can have some basic or general physical and laboratory check up like blood, urine and physical examination. It is not advisable to have Xrays done too close, because you'll have one with a Canadian Embassy designated Med Practitioner later if you file for a TWP. Ask your agency about the medical center where you can have a medical check up of the 3 things I have stated above.

    Then after that, you tell your prospective employer about your physical & lab checks by bringing the results of your check ups to your agency so your employer can decide whether to apply for an LMO for you. A positive LMO for you and a job contract signed by you and your employer are needed so you can file for an application for a TWP or temp work permit in your Canadian Embassy there. The steps about this are found in your friend's advice earlier.

  11. Thanks for your explanation it is exactly what you thought. I talked to my agency about this matter in the light of my friends who gave me the information above and my agency told me what you've just told me.
    Thanks again to take the time to write.

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