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I got SINP - OID - what are the next step to obtain an COQ

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by akadkochi, Nov 2, 2018.

  1. Dear all,
    We got ITA from SINP under OID Subclass. How we can obtain an approval letter from regulatory body?. and when will we attend the exam before the visa loading or after got in Saskatchewan. Anybody can help me. What are process after got PNP?
  2. Your NOC ?
  3. My NOC is 7201 and my Friend's Noc is 6331
  4. contact me on 00923464020194 i am in same boat
  5. Alright,this my no +2347036757655
  6. What is your NOC?
  7. my trade also 7201 contact me on 00923464020194 whats up
  8. Please add me in your whatsapp group for SATCC application , +65 81393391.
    My NOC is 7311. I already sent my forms to SATCC and I’m still waiting for their reply.
  9. my Noc is 7204. i have same queries as yours. Did u find any answers?
  10. please add me to whtsapp grp my number is 91-9967079278
  11. Dear Friends,

    Greetings of the Day.

    I would like to inform you that I have received a letter from SINP regarding ADR...and moreover I was blessed with a baby girl...so I have sent them all the requested Documents and informed them about the new born baby....addition in the family members....
    Could you Please let me know the approximate time they gonna take to issue The Nomination..
    Awaiting for your kind reply...
    Best Regards...
  12. Friends,
    Our noc is also the same..7201 . Kindly give us instructions on receiving the approval letter from the regulatory body? add my number too in whats app group.. 008848581545

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