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I got fired from work

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by ayda89, Oct 11, 2019.

  1. Hi everyone, I’m sorry my English is not very well. I live in ontario, I’m 18 years old. We are permanent resident in Canada since 3 years and i found a job, it was my first job in Canada and they fired me today. they were bullying me, I couldn’t get any breaks, and they made me do everything by myself! I complained about that. and texted my unfair supervisor on WhatsApp she told me that it’s not true we are not bullying you. She never liked me. And today they fired me. I’m so scare does it gonna affect my permanent resident card?
  2. No, it won't affect your PR card.

    You may want to speak to the employment standards office about your rights regard your job.
  3. Are you sure it won’t affect my PR card? My supervisor hated me I expect everything from her
  4. Absolutely no effect on your PR card or PR status. There is no obligation as a PR to ever work if someone does not want to.

    keep positive and you will find another job, just put down to a life experience and move on. Good luck
  5. Your PR status, once you've landed, has nothing to do with employment.

    Seriously don't worry about it. What province are you in? You will want to contact your employment standards office to see if your rights were violated by the bullying.
  6. I assume this may be your first job. Unless you have evidence of breaking labour laws there is no point in contacting the government employment standards. It just sounds like the job wasn’t a good fit. Just move on and find another job.
  7. If the person doesn't know labour laws (especially around bullying by employers), it's useful to contact Employment Standards who can provide reference material to understand workers' rights. Please don't say that there's "no point" in investigating what one's rights are in a situation.
  8. Thank you so much!
  9. This can all be done with a quick google search. Things like having to do everything by themselves is not a reason to complain. Some people have never had a job and have unrealistic expectations of employment.
  10. They were the one bullying me and made me do everything by myself. I was doing 2 people job. It’s not fair. I had to wash dishes yesterday and I put it in machine my finger stuck there I couldn’t carry anything, my supervisor made me fill up the injury form and she was making me feel bad , she just like I see, your finger is ok you just worrying so much, like I know myself better I was the one got hurt. I told
    her I wanna go home she just like I don’t think you have to home. And I wanted go hospital she gave me bunch of paper, she just like “I WANT IT THIS AFTERNOON” like everyone was rude at me there. When I was dishes the baker girl who works at kitchen just pulling the stuff from my hand and she just like you’re so slow. They always make me do everything and never give me break. It’s not fair, I’m the one who cares about fair. I never swear to people, and I never swear them. I just stayed quiet. I have been there today which I suppose to be at work they marked schedule what days I work even today. And I just came home. I’m worried about my permanent resident card.
  11. If you were in Canada on a Work Permit you would have something to worry about. But you are not. You are a Permanent Resident. Permanent.

    You can lose your job. You can, if qualified, get EI. You can do everything except vote.

    Forget that lady and that job. Go find a new and better one. It will happen. Don't worry.
  12. I'm sorry about your situation, but this doesn't sound like bullying at all in my opinion. Move on, get another job and hopefully you find a better place of employment.
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    Just sounds like you are not cut out to work in a kitchen. It is hard work and fast paced. Your employer sounds responsible if you were made to fill out an injury form. There is rarely a need to go to the hospital unless your finger has a visible deformity, extremely swollen, burnt so much it is blistered or had such a large or deep cut that you need stitches. I got bitten by a child when I worked as a lifeguard as a young person. The child drew blood. I had to fill out all this paperwork and had a big bruise and had to check with my GP to make sure my tetanus was up to date. Went to work after the incident and the next day. Things happen.
  14. I think these series of advise to you will go a long way to keep you feet once again, so go ahead and look for another jobs around ok.
  15. Don't bother just pray hard ok

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