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I got an offer letter from OMNI HOTEL AND RESOTS

Discussion in 'Canadian Labour Legislation' started by gjoshua73, May 6, 2018.

  1. I got an email from OMNI HOTEL AND Resorts
    Vacancies and they given some interview questions and I answered them and sent through the email later they replied by sending appointment letter and agreement letter but I don't know wheather it is real or fake.
    This is my email address: gjoshua73@gmail.com
    If anyone want to see those emails please inbox me
    I don't know how to upload here
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    Almost certainly a scam. However, post (copy & paste) the first email from them here, after removing personal information. We will take a look for you.
    Until we have reviewed it, don't send them any more information.
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  3. I'm sure there was something before with this name. Yes put the email up and we can have a look at it
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    The management of Omni Hotel & Resorts Canada wish to advertise for the Job Vacancy in our Hotel, The hotel need 30 workers both male and female to fill in different categories of job, as per above request we need manpower to work in Omni Hotel,workers that have the ability to work hard only to apply now make sure non-criminal origin and must agreed to abide by the Hotel rule and regulations. Hotel will Only be responsible for your Flight Ticket and Accommodation, you will be responsible for your visa charge. we wont everything solve and settle within 45 days.

    If you can meet our requirement, please reply for further procedures. also we will provide all the relevant backup documents to enable the applicant get his/her Visa at our Canadian-Embassy in the Applicant’s Country. Visa will be issued upon approval from our Canadian Immigration Bureau Department.

    If your interested in working with us you can contact us back with your C.V through E-mail Address: for more information.
    { omnihotelcananda@gmail.com }

    Kind Regards
    Mrs. Rose C.

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  5. The grammar alone should indicate that it's a scam. Secondly a hotel would not have a GMAIL email address. It's a scam, sorry.
  6. Absolutely agree. This is a scam. You only need to look at the signature. No reputable employer in Canada will sign a letter as Mrs/Mr <name>.

  7. Thank you guys sooo much for your help
  8. Thank you for your answer thank you so much
  9. Thank you so much
  10. But why scam people? You have no job to offer them ,why bother?
  11. I think it's obvious why they do it. They ask for money from people and personal information about them so they can commit identity fraud.
  12. How mean can they get. Desperation leading people into even bigger problems.
  13. They are criminals. Being mean doesn't count for anything

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