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I am from Pakistan.. want to apply for Temporary work permit

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Asia' started by kainat, Jan 22, 2014.

  1. Hello. I am a female from pakistan and many consultants are claiming that they can get LMO letter within 4 weeks and overall process time will be maximum 3 months for an applicant to get temporary work permit. I need to know how can i verify the LMO letter? Any authentic link to verify? And Please suggest me what other relevant documents required by embassy from us to process our application. I just want to re confirm the information provided by consultants.

    Kindly advise me, if it is possible for an applicant to get LMO and job offer from employer in canada and once that candidate in canada, can he or she allowed to change his her job or company?

    What is the step of application when we need to do medical exam? please guide me

    Your help will be highly appreciated

  2. Hi Kainat.

    I don't think, it is not possible to verify the LMO. Kindly some senior members reply.

    For medical, the visa office will request you to submit it.

  3. Visa Querry

    Please Help me!!!

    My parents applied for TRV canada on 10 Apr 2014 from Khi, they have already US visa issued in March 14, my uncle is in US he invited my parents, now problem is this there passport are in Canada Islamabad embassy for 53 days. They email at "islamabad-im-enquiry @ international.gc.ca" that we need passport to travel US. Kindly consider our case and let us know as we have to leave on 6 Jun, but they did't reply so far. They have also mail them on 12 Apr, 2 e-mail sent so far.

    Please any one guide me what should we do. Its very frustrating and unethical.
  4. Well dearie there are bunch of rules about consultants is that they'll convince you but you'd not be knowing about it so in my humble opinion you should use only consult your case to those who are registered.Secondly , they lied about what you're being told by'em.Thirdly to get an LMO this ain't your or visa consultant responsibility .At this moment you'd definitely think that why not ? well here is the reason.

    ("LMO basically is known as Labor Market Opinion what the heck is LMO and why would you need it.This is a optional thing LMO is a authorization from EDSC or ESDC to hire an foreign worker because employer has to give'em a reason why he's hiring a foreign worker why not Canadian citizen.He will tell them that this is the job which a citizen can't do it and that's why we're hiring a foreign worker to do that for us.)

    This is employer responsibility to provide you the LMO letter so that you could get your WP.

    The complete processing time of this is approximately 6-8 months if your following the exact steps.

    About the Medical exam it's an optional but it is necessary along with Police clearance or character certificate, there is a very little step for medical exam which is easiest step to perform in result to get your reports.HOwever , here is the detail about to have one so read it carefully.

    Step # 1 : it is clearly mentioned that you can perform a undergo medical exam before you apply for an visa or before you submit your application to the visa office,but you will have to attach your reports with your application.

    Step # 2 : Only visit to that doctor where embassy allow you to go and have a medical exam.

    Step # 3 : If you don't want to do it before submitting your application then you'll have to wait for embassy answer after the submission of your application file it might take some weeks but you shouldnt be worry about it.Meanwhile , embassy will post you an medical exam letter in that letter there would the complete details about it and then you've to take it with you before seeing a doctor for a medical exam.

    Step # 4 : Your reports result will be emailed to CIC they will check it and reply back if your medical isn't clear or there is any problem with it.

    Step # 5 : You need to be calm while doing this i gave you two options to do that there is no other way or steps to do it.

    Thank you

    Good luck :D
  5. Re: Visa Querry

    Well that's a quite rough issue but here is your solution.

    You can do two things to have your passports and you can wait for passports.any visitor visa is valid for 6 months.You can postpone your current flight date and wait for your passports until they'd send it back to you.
    You can't cancel or request 'em to send you back your passports it's their policy and if they go against their policy they would break the rule my friend.This could be an optional thing.Just wait or email them again to cancel your application meanwhile , they'd cancel your application for canada and send you back your passports.

    It depends on which option do you want to avail , either you want to postpone your current flight date or you could request'em to cancel your application instead of to return you back your PP's.

    Good Luck
  6. Hello
    I am Muhammad Qaseem Aslam from Pakistan am working in oman 6 years I want work visa Canada
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  8. There's effectively zero chance you'll be able to secure a work visa for Canada. If you wish to move to Canada, you should focus on qualifying and applying for PR.

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