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How to transcript to wes master’s degree from India ?

Discussion in 'Education' started by skp.hpiso, Aug 5, 2019.

  1. I have a master’s degree and degree from India with different university .What is the process of transcript to wes .As per new rule of WES only On December 1, 2018, WES modified the document requirements for applicants educated in India. WES requires all documents to be mailed directly to WES by the institution that issues them. This means that WES will not accept documents sent by colleges (except autonomous colleges), applicants themselves, third party agents, or anyone else. In that case how we have to submit 2 degree from different university?
  2. Google is a wonderful friend, you should try it. I don't think this rule impacts submission from two different universities. Simply ask both of them to submit transcripts to WES. Oh yeah, no need for the oversized bold fonts.
  3. Thanks a lot for responce... Will take care next time fonts
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