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How to show Proof of Funds during entry in Canada?

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by Bhavikjazzy, Nov 4, 2018.

  1. Hello guys,

    I've few quick questions and would really appreciate help from PRs who went this year (esp. Indians). I will be landing in this December.

    1. Do they really ask to show proof of funds at arrival?
    2. Can I show around 3k-4k USD/CAD cash?
    3. Can I show rest money in my Indian bank account in the form of (INR) fixed deposits, security deposits, PF balance, bank account statement? Or is it mandatory to show CAD only in form of travel card/ cheque?

    Background: I've a relative in Canada who (once I arrive and open Canadian bank account) will give me CAD to deposit in it. In return I can transfer equivalent INR directly today his Indian bank account. This will save transaction charges for both of us.

    Your quick response will be really appreciated. This might also help fellow newcomers.

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  2. At airports, 99% of the times they don't ask for proof of funds. But you should be prepared in case you are in chose 1% ;)

    You can show some money in cash and rest in Indian bank statements.
  3. Thanks for the reply. Did you had similar experience? Would you mind to share?
  4. Could you share your experience?
  5. Litterally wondering the same things!!
  6. Guys. Please share some experiences.
  7. I landed through a border crossing and was only asked "How much do you have access to in any country?" The officer refused any paperwork and took my word on it. If you are carrying over 10k on your person, you have to declare it. Otherwise, I don't know of a single person who's ever been asked.
  8. I was asked to show proof of funds at Champlain border.
  9. No single question about money, just stamped forms for goods and goods to follow, processed paperwork, did not even look at our 26' U-Haul truck with things, no questions about our dog vaccination. Most of the time they were curious about our US plated vehicle, whether we are going to import her at the same day as landing, which was not, the vehicle was listed on the goods to follow. I told them that vehicle will be exported/imported in the "near" future and they were satisfied, since the only person who was landing was my spouse and I, as a dual citizen, can drive US plated vehicle back and forth as long as I want. That was at Detroit-Windsor border back in August.
  10. Hey guys,
    I'd like to share my experience of what happened after coming to Canada. I landed in Vancouver Airport and went straight to immigration. They didn't ask me any questions about proof of funds. I filled out PR forms and gave them my address and that's it.
  11. Not sure about your timing of landing and whether you've got your PR card. If not, try to track PR card movement. In our experience our residential address in PR card application at the border was not properly updated in the system (despite we told them our Canadian address) and it was a delay with getting PR card until I found the reason and changed our address in the account to Canadian. The card was in the mail a week after I updated address.
  12. Question related to the top

    • is there is limitations on the amount of money I can transfer to Canada when I enter from outside
    • do I need to pay tax on that amount of money which I will transfers. I own the money outside Canada (my saving) and I have never lived in Canada for more than 2 month (two years back)

    I had my PR and landed to Canada 2 years back. I spend two month in Canada , then I went back. Now I’m planing to move permanently to Canada this November .
  13. Irrespective of when/what status, you don't pay tax on cash. You need to declare it if it is above 10000.
    For really large amounts, expect to be asked to prove that funds belong to you (& not black money or stolen money for ex). Having document showing source of funds will suffice in those cases.
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  14. I landed in second week of December 2018 in the afternoon. Not sure why they didn't ask to declare proof of funds. I received PR card at my address in like 6 weeks. Hope this helps.
  15. Most of the folks are just verbally asked about it

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