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How to Pursue Masters in Canada

Discussion in 'Education' started by eclecticv, Nov 15, 2019.

  1. Hi there,

    I'm a new immigrant who just received his PR. I've been looking up Master's courses in Canada and realised that most universities require you to have a 4-year honours degree at the undergraduate level.

    In my country of origin (India), 3-year Bachelor's degrees are the norm, and I have one of those. My question is, how do I gain the eligibility to pursue a Master's in Canada? I can't study further in India because we'll be moving soon, so any bridge/credit courses that can help me become eligible have to be based in Canada. To be clear, I did not immigrate with an intention to study further, I'm just looking into my options.
  2. You have to speak to each individual program.
  3. Yes, you can in colleges their is a program which eligibles you to study the PG course whose credit can be further used for obtaining admission in university. And some colleges have university transfer program in their courses too. So such type of course from college can help you to get admission in university .

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