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How to link paper based application online ?

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Zee1995, May 14, 2018.

  1. Hi
    I already applied for visitor visa through online application to attend my son's convocation but i got refusal and i applied again after improving my application file as paper based application (offline) but now when i am trying to link it online it shows me the previous rejected application file and doesnt show the status for latest reapplied file.
    Any help how to link my application will be appreciated.


  3. Tracking number mila hoga aap ko vfs se.

  4. my sister applied same day but still status showing ur file has been dispatched delhi canada visa office.
  5. Yes i have but its only good to track it on vfs website and that just says its in process at vfs bangalore
  6. r u received any reply from embessy side...
  7. I applied for my father-in-law in 2016 for visiting us and got refused at first. Standard reasons: poor financial condition, immigration trend, no visiting history overseas. I just sent them a letter ONLINE with proof to fight: we will financially support him, he lives in home country very good no need to stay in cold Canada, and he visited many countries but 20 years ago, however the old passport is long lost and only photos attached. IRCC quickly changes their decision and pass our application.
    So I believe you can still use your online service to fight. It's very convenient with high efficiency. And yes, sometimes you just pick your point from your submitted document is OK enough. They could ignore or just not even notice...in your letter you can SAY LOUDLY and they have to consider.
  8. Nope not yet

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