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How to find a job in Canada before you arrive (Pre-arrival employment resources)

Discussion in 'Resources for Finding a Canadian Job' started by ibarnard, Oct 26, 2016.

  1. Hi... I have got my COPR and plan to move to Canada asap.

    I am from India, working in Marketing. I would like to explore ways to find employment (or at least line up interviews) before I arrive in Canada.

    How can I go about it?
  2. Check out job sites such as indeed.ca
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  3. Hi there! The best thing you can do is sign up for a pre-arrival service. There are several and you are entitled to sign up for as many as you want. Some offer workshops or webinars to teach you how to conduct a job search, how to write your resume and cover letter, etc. Some host virtual job fairs where you might be able to find a job, but at the very least you will interact with employers and get an idea of what they are looking for. Some have a very cool mentorship program where you connect with someone in your industry and can ask them questions about how to find a job in Canada, etc. Are you settling in Ontario or another province? I could suggest a few pre-arrival services.

    The bad news, not just for you but for all of us immigrants, is that you will very likely NOT find a job before you land in Canada. Those in very specialized fields like, say, neurotechnology, are scarce and therefore anyone would like to interview them even before they have PPR. But for popular fields like Marketing, employers get between 30 and 200 applications for every job posting shared online. If they see you are not here and will not be here by the time they will start interviewing (which is usually right after the submission deadline or even a few days before that), they won't even bother contacting you, because they have between 29 and 199 other applicants who are available immediately. Also, they usually look to have the interviewed person start within days, or at most two weeks, after the interview. If you will not be in Canada by then, they will prefer someone who is already here.

    The other big reason they usually don't interview online is that they don't know if you are trying to get them to give you a job offer so that you can immigrate using that. I know, you are not doing that, and you will probably mention it in your cover letter. But if they get a lot of applications (say, 50 or more), they will spend literally 30 seconds skimming through your resume and cover letter to see if they find any red flags. The second they see a foreign phone number or address, or lack of a local phone number or address, they will discard it without taking the time to read it. Not because of discrimination or anything personal, but simply because they have very limited time to review all the applications and start interviewing people.

    I would say the best thing you can do is (1) sign up for a few pre-arrival services that can teach you how to look for work in Canada and hopefully also connect you with a mentor or a virtual job fair, (2) use LinkedIn as much as possible, to try and connect with professionals in your field who live in the city where you will settle, and (3) start sending job applications two weeks before you land (at most three weeks, preferably two). But don't send job applications until you have spoken to a pre-arrival service and they have proofread your resume and cover letter.
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  4. How to write a resume if i dont have canadian work license yet,i mean most probably i wont be able to work in my field so what to do?
  5. can you suggest some of the names of well serviced pre-landing agencies
  6. Hi

    please note i am resident of India and Corporate Secretary by profession
    just want to know is it beneficial to move to candaa or would be easy to get job there as i have no direct contacts to apply for

  7. There is no fees involved in any programs. All the pre arrival programs are funded by cic. If you find some one selling pre arrival services this is SCAM. Pre Can is good for pre arrival job search. However you need to Land in Canada and be available for interview rather over phone. Canada is really traditional in terms of job market.my advice don’t just think of Toronto there are many opportunities across various provinces which you get to know in your pre arrival services
  8. If you got your COPR / PR application is approved. You can check all the pre arrival services at www.cic.gc.ca/English/newcomers/before-services.asp

    You can choose any of the pre arrival service based on your choice and attend. This would help you in getting prepared for the job market. This is the harsh reality you can not get job from India. You need to come to Canada and apply for jobs here personally and attend interview to fetch the employment.

    If you find any job search service or pre arrival service charging money. This is SCAM. Pre arrival service are free and funded by government of Canada. Hope this helps
  9. Can prep is only required when you have your Pr approved. So please get your Pr approved and you can send them request. All these program are funded by government of Canada and free to use. However they would need your copr (confirmation of permanent residence)
  10. I am here in Regina, SK and I am trying to find job in my field NOC: 2174 and 2175 Web/PHP Developer, Web Designers and Developers.
    I Tried Searching on Top Classified websites like https://www.kijiji.ca/ and https://okz.ca/ but couldn't find any. Any help would be appreciated!

  11. Sorry but would be immigrants are high on canada.
    Unless you are something like data scientist from google then nobody will give you a job before landing.
    Now those will 100 yrs of experience in outside of canada and having bachelors, masters etc and thinking you will get job easily here need to get real.
    Immigrants with PhD from home countries are here cleaning toilets in canada.
    Some immigrants will do minimum wage jobs their whole life in canada as they cant get professional job & embarasssed to go back home.
    Finally be perpared to do menial jobs here regardless you were manager in your home country.
  12. Well, there are people who crib and spread disappointment. There are jobs in Canada and you need to prepare your career path. There is a difference between back home career and in Canada. You need to do complete research on which province have jobs based on your skill. Prepare resume and use the right keywords. understand Canada resume system (ATS) and many more. Giving an example of myself I landed and got job in 2 months. My spouse also got in a month in the same field which she was working back home. Infact I know many people have got job in 3 months time. But you need to be in Canada for job search.

    So moral of the story, stop spreading these rumors when you are not aware of actual job scene.
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  13. No moral of the story YOU is not equal to all.
    Just because you got in 2 months and your wife got job in 1 month does not mean anything.
    If thats the case then your kid will get job in 15 days.
    Am telling you whats infact:-
    If thats the case then why do we have most immigrants doing menial jobs when they all came as FSW immigrants into this country.
  14. There is no point of argument over here. Based on my experience I had seen people who can do anything to come to Canada and later struggle to get a job. As I Said in my post, do complete research on the Job market, understand Job search criteria and plan your career. I know many people are in Canada who have got a job in the span of two weeks to 3 months because of there planning and correct execution. And I had seen people who struggle its because they never evaluated the job market and understood what is needed. there is a huge difference between back home and in Canada.

    Neither I am comparing myself nor setting up the wrong example. Your post creates the wrong impression for others immigrants who are trying there best to get a resident permit/work permit. Let's not create such negative environment just because few individuals had a failure because of there incorrect strategy.
  15. Sorry but I will advise you to educate yourself.Your assumption is not based on real facts and thats why you are the one who is creating a wrong impression for other immigrants.

    Just look around & you will notice how come majority of imimigrants are doing menial jobs when the most of them came to canada though federal skilled work.

    My assumption is based on what I see everyday and most importantly based on OECD data — the 2018 International Migration Outlook.So there is no argument here as I give you the statistics.

    Few highlights from the report - as per OECD data — the 2018 International Migration Outlook:-

    • The skill gaps between natives and immigrants still exist at every education level, and they are much more important for a worker’s competitiveness in highly skilled jobs than in menial ones.
    • In Canada, according to official statistics, the unemployment rate among immigrants with university degrees was 6.1 percent last year, compared with 2.9 percent for native-born Canadians with the same education level.
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