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How to define NOC skill levels (0, A, B, C, D)

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by sing_tao, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. Hi guys,

    i know that there are different NOC level.

    can someone please explain what skills level does this fall into?

    Medical Laboratory Technicians (NOC 3212)

  2. hello,

    Please check this thread..

  3. If the NOC code has a "0" as the first digit it is a management occupation..
    Therefore, it falls under NOC 0

    Now for NOC A, B, C and D.. If the 1st digit is not zero, look at the 2nd digit.. This is how..

    if the 2nd digit of your NOC code is 1 -- it is under NOC A

    if the 2nd digit of your NOC code is 2 or 3 -- it is under NOC B

    if the 2nd digit of your NOC code is 4 or 5 -- it is under NOC C

    and if the 2nd digit of your NOC code is 6 -- it is under NOC D

    check ur NOC laval according to this
  4. Thank you for a detailed explanation. My NOC code is 4163 which falls under NOC C.
    My question: is NOC A better the NOC B,C or D, vice versa? or are they all the same?

  5. Your NOC is under NOC A 4163. Under skilled category.

  6. @jobseeker what is the NOC code for live in caregiver? I google NOC 6474 it's not found.
  7. http://www5.hrsdc.gc.ca/NOC/English/CH/2001/StructureResult.aspx?v=6

    6474 Babysitters, Nannies and Parents' Helpers

    6474.1 Babysitters
    6474.2 Nannies and Live-in Caregivers
    6474.3 Parents' Helpers

  8. Thanks jobseeker.

    But when I search live in caregiver for seniors I search 4421 for senior and 4411 for Child care...which is which?

  9. This is probably the new NOCs. Note the links. Why were you searching for it? You're OWP holder are you not?


  10. Its not for me. For a family friend. Anyways thanks!
  11. So has the NOC code changed on the WP?


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