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How to claim LMIA point ?

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by Dev5135, Apr 20, 2019.

  1. Hi,
    If anyone is on WP (ICT) and LMIA exempted then how can one claim points for below question in CRS calculator ?
    Do you have a valid job offer supported by a Labour Market Impact Assessment (if needed)?

    A valid job offer must be

    • full-time
    • in a skilled job listed as Skill Type 0, or Skill Level A or B in the 2011 National Occupational Classification
    • supported by a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) or exempt from needing one
    • for one year from the time you become a permanent resident

    Above bullet points are having condition as OR / AND ?. If it is AND then all 4 need to be satisfied else either of them should be OK.
    Does anyone has any idea on this.

    1st three satisfies in my case but last one may not be true because work permit might expire in 6-7 months and it may go for extension but that probability cannot be explained when filling form.

    Let me know in case anyone has gone through similar phase ?
  2. You have to work in Canada for a full year before you can claim the 50 points.
  3. Hi,
    I am not discussing on claiming points on canada work experience. If you open CRS calculator , my question comes in the calculator next to Canada work experience. It is related to claiming point from LMIA. I have posted exact question here
  4. These are ANDs.

    You must satisfy ALL of the listed requirements.
  5. Ok ok , that is disappointing then :(

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