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How to check which visa office is currently handle my application

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by Blu3, Jun 14, 2019.

  1. Hello,
    How do I know which visa office currently handles my application? GCMS note indicates the secondary office is Ottawa. I call CIC, the agent said it's with Sydney, NS. The agent was not very nice, he said he is not able to share more info. I was going to get biometric (this is not requested by CIC), they need the address for my visa office, so they (RCMP) can send the result to the correct place. Which address should I provide? Ottawa or Sydney???
  2. Raise a cse and ask them directly they may respond with the answer u r looking or order gcms notes.
  3. That's weird. When I did mine, I put my address and they sent it to me only so I uploaded with all my documents. Not sure if your case is an exception but I don't see why you would need your VO address
  4. Hi, I already submitted my application AOR Oct 17, 2018. My criminality check started 4 months ago, and the status is still in progress. My criminal record check was obtained at the local police station (However, they did not take my fingerprint, I'm not sure how they conduct the search.) At the moment, CIC did not ask for additional info, I'm hoping by providing biometric info would help with the application process. I call Commissionaires (they provide fingerprinting service), they said I need to provide the visa office address, they will forward the info to RCMP, then RCMP will conduct the search and send the result by mail to my visa office. That's why I want to know which Visa office currently handles my case.
  5. I mean even if you do your fingerprints before or after AOR, RCMP usually send it to the applicant and then the applicant will upload the fingerprints through IRCC webform. But if you want to follow what they told you I guess the fastest way to get the answer is calling them and making sure which one is your primary office, which I guess is Sydney and Ottawa is your secondary. And I am pretty sure if they mail a hard copy the officer won't even bother to open up the envelope after months. Electronic copy is faster for sure. Where are you located in Canada??
  6. write an e-mail
  7. Thanks for the advice, I never thought of uploading using the web form. I'm guessing that would be the best way. I'm located in NB :)
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